My Geekdoms Favorites 2014: Wrestling Edition

Salute A Real… Special Recognition Award

Alberto Del Rio aka Alberto El Patron-Fired from WWE for slapping a man for making a racist comment. Took the company to court over absurd rules in their contracts. Returned to Mexico a hero. Won the AAA Heavyweight title. Now coming to Ring of Honor and possibly Lucha Underground. El Patron doing his thing.

Favorite Mic Workers

4. Lana-Love her.

3. Jimmy Jacobs-Them CHIKARA promos were super villain level stuff.

2. Paul Heyman-I wouldn’t know Lesner was still alive if it wasn’t for this man. He can definitely talk up a fight.

1. Sami Zayn-The emotion that fueled his chase for the title was made even sweeter but his brilliant mic work.

Top 5 Favorite Female Wrestlers

5. Kimber Lee-Or Princess Kimber Lee if you prefer.

4. Athena-Continues being a bad ass.

3. Madison Eagles-Always impressive. Everytime I get a Shimmer DVD I love her matches.

2. Candace LeRae-Been amazing to see her work in PWG.

1. Paige-Great as NXT Womens champion and great as WWE Divas champion. She’s the Queen of WWE as far as I’m concerned. Her matches were some fo the best Divas/womens matches WWE has had in years. Plus her personality-her energy. Wow.

Top 5 Favorite Tag Teams/Groups

5. The Throwbacks-What I’ve watched of CHIKARA, the Throwbacks really brought it. I loved their four way scramble at the start of the season and the tag title match at the end.

4. Usos-WWE’s most consistent tag team always impresses.

3. Worlds Cutest Tag Team-I’ve really loved watching Candace and Joey tear it up in PWG.

2. Young Bucks-Do I have to explain?

1. Best Friends-I’m sad to see it end. But 2014 had so many fun matches in PWG. Taylor is always a tag team natural and Trent?-I’m sad to see you retire.

Top 10 Favorite Male Wrestlers

10. Kazuchika Okada-The Rainmaker is a big deal and for good reason. So many great matches.

9. Dolph Ziggler-When Ziggler was on he tore it up. That aldder match against Harper or his last stand against the Authority. e really tries to steal the show.

8. Hiroshi Tanahashi-I put Tanahashi up higher than his rival, Okada, because I liked his matches against Styles and Shibata a bit more. Tanahashi is just-damn good. Got my boss to check out NJPW on AXIS and he dug Tanahashi and Okada.

7. Daniel Bryan-Great first half of the year before injury sidelined him. But man-Bryan was killing it and had an awesome Wrestlemania. Brilliant stuff.

6. AJ Styles-Styles hit NJPW like a fucking meteorite. It had been a long while since I watched Styes and he was phenomenal in NJPW.

5. Ricochet/Prince Puma-Great year for Ricochet. Tore it up in PWG and NJPW. Become the centerpiece for Lucha Underground as Prince Puma. Great stuff.

4. Naomichi Marufuji-I heard Marufuji won the GHC title, checked out his title matches and more. Damn. Some great stuff. His matches were mostly pitch perfect.

3. Shinsuke Nakamura-King of Strong Style. Killing muthu fuckers in the ring.

2. Sami Zayn-Zayn has been NXT’s hardest working performer and everytime out I want to see what he’ll do when he’s called up to WWE’s main roster. Zayn is a gift from god.

1. Tomohiro Ishii-I saw matbe one Ishii match before 2014. I saw a whole lot of Ishii matches in 2014. This man is a beast. Just straight hoss. Killing suckas. His feud with Tetsuya Naito was beautiful. His G1 run had hit after hit. This man is my fave of 2014.

10 Favorite Matches

10. Yuji Nagata vs. Shinsuke Nakamura-NJPW G1 Climax 2014 on 7-26-14-Nagata is 12 years older than Nakamura and he was telling him to bring it. The way this played out with the legend versus the new legend was great.

9. Sami Zayn vs. Cesaro-WWE/NXT Arrival 2-27-14-The first NXT special delievered and this was the standout bout. Cesaro and Zayn’s chemistry is just on point.

8. AJ Styles vs. Hirooki Goto-NJPW G1 Climax 2014 on 7-28-14-I know Styles/Suzuki was the one most talked about from G1 but I prefer this one. I always liked Goto and him and Styles mixed it up so well. Just an excellent encounter.

7. Hiroshi Tanahashi vs. Shinsuke Nakamura-NJPW Invasion Attack 4-6-14-God damn. God fucking damn.

6. Katsuyori Shibata vs. Hiroshi Tanahashi-NJPW G1 Climax 2014 on 7-26-14-Really, this was an amazing face off. Shibata was out to prove something and he did just that.

5. Sami Zayn vs. Adrian Neville-WWE/NXT Takeover R-Evolution 12-11-14-It was so great. The face offs between these two. The chase for the title. It all came down to this encounter and it was magnificent.

4. The Worlds Cutest Tag Team vs. The Young Bucks-PWG 11 on 7-26-14-An edge of your seat tag team encounter. Just so memorable. Its… wow…

3. Daniel Bryan vs. HHH-WWE Wrestlemania XXX on 4-6-14-I hate HHH. Really I do. Nothing about his persnality or “politics” I just never liked him as a performer. But he was great in this match and was going up against some I do love in Bryan. Damn good work.

2. Tomohiro Ishii vs. Tetsuya Naito-NJPW New Beginning on 2-11-14-This is the match where I said “Ishii is my new favorite wrestler.” They had two mroe great encounetrs after this but they were not on the level of this face off. Just a slobberknocker to borrow term.

1. The Shield vs. Wyatt Family-WWE Elimination Chamber on 2-13-14-I knew it when this match was over. I just knew it. It was why I bought Elimination Chamber and it came through. The electricity before the match even started. This beyond delivered. #1 for 2014.


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