My Geekdoms Favorites of 2014: TV Edition

Salute A Real… Special Recognition Award

Netflix-Thank you for TV shows like BoJack Horseman and OITNB and letting me try shows like Salem, Agents of SHEILD and more.

Top Surprises
5. BoJack Horseman and Herb Kazzaz storyline from BoJack Horseman-BoJack took a little bit to get started, then after it got funny started on getting depressing. Especially about the falling out between the once friends and co-workers BoJack and Herb. The episode where BoJack visits his once friend, now dying of cancer, to apologize for his part in his firing from their sitcom… whoa.
4. Sir Malcolm Murray kills his daughter to protect Vanessa St. Ives in Penny Dreadful-Did not see that coming. Bring on season 2!
3. Dawn becomes head of Personnel on Mad Men-Almost forget about the the first half of season 7 and this episode was important. It had a lot going on but watching the first black worker for the ad firm get bounced around desks (her boss was being a prick, then this and that and the co-owner didn’t want a black secretary at the lunge desk) until the only option was to make her head of Personnel stood out above the rest.
2. Korra and Asami, holding hands as they enter the Spirit world in Legend of Korra-Holding hands and staring into each others eyes in spiritual light. How is that not totally gay? (I know their bi but my point is how did anyone think they were just friends?)

1. Oliver Queen stabbed by Ra’s Al Ghul on Arrow-I kinda knew it was going to go down but I didn’t actually expect it to go down.

Favorite Ensembles
5. Parks & Recreation-Season six was a bit uneven at times but damn if the cast isn’t always on point. Love this show.
4. Flash-The Flash grabbed the superhero TV game by the shirt and took everyone for a ride. Along with the lead, the rest of the cast has been thrilling.
3. Good Wife-Still one of the best acted shows on TV.
2. Gotham-I’m not as hard on the Barbara Kean character as others but she’s the reason it didn’t make it on top. Other than that, what an amazing cast.

1. Brooklyn Nine-Nine-What a brilliant cast. Thank the spirits there is a sitcom with an amazing ensemble to take over with Parks and Rec ending. Everyone is on point.

Favorite Actors
6. Tie: Jesse L. Martin as Det. Joe West on the Flash, Matt Czuchry as Cary Agos on the Good Wife-Couldn’t pick. Jesse Martin has been great on Flash with a mix of wisecracks and the drama he brings to the character of Det. Joe West. Almost forgot about Cary (who was on last years list) but thinking on Good Wifes recent mid-season finale reminded me to put him up.
5. Manu Bennet as Slade Wilson/Deathstroke on Arrow-Total badass throughout.
4. Sorta Tie: David Bradley and Jim Watson as Professor Abraham Setrakian on the Strain-The Strain is far from a perfect series but I enjoy it and David Bradley’s Setrakian is amazing and Jim Watson killed it in the flashbacks. Just one of the coolest vampire hunters I’ve ever seen. Had to give it to both actors.
3. Andre Baugher as Capt. Holt on Brooklyn Nine-Nine-The seriousness, the dry humor and occasional exuberance-man, Braugher kills each and every scene.
2. Matthew Rys as Philip Jennings on Americans-Watch the Americans. Best FX show.

1. Robin Lord Taylor as Penguin on Gotham-Taylor came in and took Oswald Cobblepot to the next level. There have been greats to play Penguin but damn-Taylor came in snitching and knifing people for sandwiches. In the process stealing everyones heart.

Favorite Actress’
6. Jada Pinkett-Smith as Fish Mooney on Gotham-My fave lady on Gotham. Jada looks like she is having so much fun as this character and I am having fun watching her.
5. Julianna Marguiles as Alica Florrick on the Good Wife-Last years fave slips a bit but still head and shoulders above so many others.
4. Stephanie Beatriz as Rosa Diaz on Brooklyn Nine-Nine-While I have a bit of a crush on Melissa Fumero’s character Amy, Rosa Diaz just kills it among the ladies of the 99. The seriousness, deadpan, just overall one of the funniest ladies on TV.
3. Keri Russel as Elizabeth Jennings on the Americans-Repeating this again, watch the Americans.
2. Eva Green as Vanessa St. Ives on Penny Dreadful-Penny Dreadful was a beautiful show, though at times a little slow, however Eva Green brought such seduction and style to her. She was the center of everyones attention.

1. Tatiana Masalany as Sara Childs, Allison Hendrix, Cosima Niehaus, Helena, Rachel Duncan, Jennifer Fitzsimmons and Tony Sawicki on Orphan Black-This Tatiana Masalany should win every award. Orphan Black is such a fun show and there is no comparison as to who is the best on it.

Favorite Episodes/Arcs
6. Halloween II from Brooklyn Nine-Nine-While not the funniest overall of the 99, this sequel had such an amazing ending that made you want a third part. Plus it once again showcased just how good Andre Braugher is as Capt. Holt.
5. Possession from Penny Dreadful-Eva Green gets possessed, awesomeness happens. While Eva was the best of Penny Dreadful this episode really did elevate Josh Hartnett, Timothy Dalton and Harry Treadaway characters in the series.
4. Creatures of the Night from The Strain-You can make a good case for the Strain not being good, but you can make an excellent case about how Creatures of the Night is horror at its finest. Several people trapped in a gas station trying to plan their way out of a vampire attack. So much tension and so well executed. Plus the first meeting of Setrakian and Vasiliy.
3. Korra Alone from Legend of Korra-While some would sight the finale for its importance in animation, I still think Korra Alone stood out as it followed Korra through her depression and efforts to get better. Physically and mentally. It was a powerful episode.
2. Penguins Umbrella from Gotham-Watched the episode with my brother and we kept thinking “Is the show ending?” Way to go hard without it being a mid or season finale. Looked good and was intense through out.

1. Flash vs. Green Arrow & Brave and the Bold crossover episodes on Flash and Arrow-Not really a two part crossover but might as well be. Arrow kicked off the current renaissance of superhero TV and its spin off the Flash took it up a notch. These two episodes were just comic book fun. The first one watching Oliver and Barry clash, going into a bad ass fight scene. Then the next episode which put them up against the clever and very formidable Capt. Boomerang. There was some great laughs, cool fights, big moments, and just a wonderful pair of episodes.

Favorite TV Shows
5. Kill La Kill-I jumped on in early 2014 based on gifs and fell in love with the craziness. About a girls search for the killer of her father taking her to a strange school where special clothes can give you power. It gets more insane. Great action, great characters, a villain so worthy of hate, and lots of big drama. Catch it on Netflix.
4. Brooklyn Nine-Nine-It was a surprise in 2013 and 2014 it ascended to the top. A work place sitcom about police with a great cast. Fun first time around, still fun the second time around.
3. Flash-Wow… Started out good, got better, and man that mid season finale took it to the next level. Arrow might have kicked off the current TV superhero trend but Flash is the purest live action superhero show I’ve seen.
2. Gotham-Gotham is insane. The first episode was solid, showed potential but episode two was like “Screw this-lets go crazy.” Dark, campy, and just plain crazy. It gives a finger to comic cannon while crafting incredible moments like in the episodes about Venom drug, the midseason finale where young Bruce and Selina are running from assassins or the above mentioned Penguins Umbrella. Gotham goes hard almost every time out.

1. Legend of Korra-Season 3 and season 4 in the same year were a gift. Season 3 is possibly the best and season 4 the second best. Memorable villains, moments, episodes and an ending that will be remembered with the great shows. Some people wrote this sequel series to the Last Airbender off after season 1 but Korra got better and better. A darker, maybe even more emotionally driven series than its predecessor. (Also season one is so much better on repeat viewings. Damn Amon is my fave villain LoK villain). Thank you Korra for giving me so much in 2014.


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