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Among Us: Americans Fanmix on 8tracks

80s style soundtrack to the FX show about Russian spies posing as Americans. (yeah one songs from very late 79 but was a major hit multiple times in the 80s) In The Air Tonight by Phil Collins Magic by Olivia … Continue reading

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Live Fast Die Young on 8tracks

Young men and women getting caught up in all kinds of trouble with guns, drugs, money, and gangs. Childrens Story by Slick Rick Glory and Gore by Lorde Kinda OUtta Luck by Lana Del rey Sometimes I Wish I Had … Continue reading

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The Unheralded Superhero Classic that is Darkly Dawns the Duck

My generation of geeks is pretty familiar with Disney’s anthropomorphic duck known as Darkwing Duck. For those who are unfamiliar with him he is a masked crime fighter inspired by the likes of Batman, the Shadow and others. He defends … Continue reading

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A Battle Above & Beyond on 8tracks

A soundtrack to an action-adventure space opera. An astronaut caught up in the battle of the worlds. Maybe the hero finds love in it all? Or maybe he dies? Either way space and star battles. Space Adventure Cobra Opening by … Continue reading

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Kicking the Hornets Nest on 8tracks

Dedicated to the awesome Lisbeth Salander. The art is located @ Insect by Die Warzau Fuel My Fire by The Prodigy Dirt Room by Blue October Silverfuck by Smashing Pumpkins Daughter of the Damned by Fireball Ministry Terrible Lie … Continue reading

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My Geekdoms Favorites of 2014: Comic Book Edition

Salute A Real… Special Recognition Award Jenny Frison-She produced more of my favorite covers in 2014 than any artist. God damn, look at those three covers. From the series she works on-Revival, Red Sonja and Vampirella. Favorite Webcomics 4. Dr. … Continue reading

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The Relative Speed of Fools: Excel Saga on 8tracks

Fanmix to the manga Excel Saga. About hyper-yet-dimwitted Excel, who works for Lord Il Palazzo in Across alongside Hyatt and Egala. Across’ goal is to conquer the world, starting with Fukoaka, Japan. Their enemies are the Department of Environmental Security. … Continue reading

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