My Geekdoms Favorites of 2014: Music Edition

Salute A Real… Special Recognition Award

Synthwave-How the hell did I miss this? Electronic music inspired 80s culture and films. Been jamming a lot of this. Too bad some of my fave’s are being affected by the EU’s ridiculous tax laws so I was lucky to discover them just before them having to flee certain American sellers. I really don’t want to see VHS Glitch or Perturbator go.

Biggest Surprise
4. Human Zoo by Electric Six-Mustang was forgettable so I was worried about Human Zoo. But having liked most Electric Six I checked it out and it delivered some new E6 faves.
3. Cherlene (Songs from the Series Archer)-This should not have been as good as it was.
2. Synthwave-It was a chance browsing on bandcamp that made me discover this music and I sinked some good money into becoming a fan. VHS Glitch and Perturbator really stood out.

1. Guardians of the Galaxy: The Awesome Mix vol. 1-Half these songs I already knew but DAMN! Was this soundtrack amazing. The placement in the movie was on point.

Favorite Songs
6. Tie: Jaw Breaker by VHS Glitch and Genesis by Nightcrawler with Dana Jean Phoenix-Jaw Breaker was my into to synthwave. It felt like something Daft Punk would’ve whipped up for Tron: Legacy at first but then builds into something unique, almost video game like. Just a cool electronic joint. Genesis is from another synthwave project but this one with vocals, creating a retro-futuristic pop song.
5. Doctor’s Orders by Dog Fashion Disco-Its grand collision of horns and hard rock beats with DFDs strange lyrics through out.
4. Welcome to San Secuestro by YTCracker-Just as why discovering synthwave I decided to get YTC’s new album Introducing Neals which had a synthwave sound through out. A concept album-retro future story about a hacker vs. the system. While I felt it didn’t elevate pass the concept those first few songs were killer and this one really laid it out. It feels like it came from the future.
3. Gun Rights by Electric Six-A rather simple, silly, and sardonic (or satirical-whatever) gem on the newest of Electric Six. This one was on repeat for a day or two.
2. Danger Zone by Cherlene and Kenny Loggins-A beautiful cover. DANGER ZONE!!!

1. Midnight Blues by Cherlene-I don’t know why but this one pulled at me so much. I could not get enough of this song. Favorite song of the year by a mile.

Favorite Albums
6. Spooky Tricks by My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult-Not the slam dunk TKK album but got enough bangers that kept me dancing alone in my room. More electronic than previous recordings but still a nice one if you’re down with the kult.
Songs to Check Out: Hell Kat Klub, Monti Karlo, Dope Freek
5. The Opposites of Light by Die So Fluid-For a little bit this was the only music I was bumping. Nothing new out and not really digging into old stuff. While no major favorite songs of the year it was a thoroughly listenable and enjoyable hard rock album.
Songs to Check Out: Comets, You Suffocate We Suffer, Crime Scene
4. Sweet Nothings by Dog Fashion Disco-DFD got back together and though the new album doesn’t quite sound like classic DFD they dropped several awesome tracks. A real fun album by an avant garde hard rock band. Mixing heavy guitars with catching beats and some horns.
Songs to Check Out That Are Not Doctor’s Orders: Tastes So Sweet, Sweet Nothings, Pale Horse
3. Evil Technology by VHS Glitch-This is the gateway drug into synthwave. Evil technology sounded like the score of some low budget 80s scifi classic and I was digging it.
Songs to Check Out That Are Not Jaw Breaker: Blood In Blood Out, Can’t Catch Me, Streets on Fire
2. Guardians of the Galaxy: The Awesome Mix vol. 1-As far as new music goes, shouldn’t be on this list but new music sucks so… Yeah, here’s a soundtrack filled with songs from the 70s.
Songs to Check Out: Moonage Daydream by David Bowie, Spirit in the Sky by Norman Greenbaum, Ain’t No Mountain High Enough by Tammi Terrel and Marvin Gaye

1. Cherlene (Songs for the Series Archer)-Yeah… This baby was just beautiful.
Songs to Check Out That Are Not Danger Zone or Midnight Blues: Swing Shift, 40 Miles Of Mountain Road, I’ll Burn It Down


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