My Geekdoms Favorites of 2014: Movie Edition

Meant to catch a few “Oscar” films but really didn’t and then sort of got lazy. But here it is finally. Only saw about a dozen films from 2014 it seems and most were not impressive I guess…

Salute A Real… Special Recognition Award

Marvel Studios-Because of course.

Favorite Direction in a Film
5. James Gunn for Guardians of the Galaxy-GotG is a wonderful film I’ll no doubt go back to constantly in the future.
4. The Russos for Captain America: Winter Soldier-Winter Soldier is not only a better movie than the first Capt. America its also in the top 5 MCU films for me. It looks good, the action is great, the suspense and performance on top.
3. Doug Liman for Edge of Tomorrow-This baby was brilliant. I read the book and this is better. Its actually one of the few live action mecha movies that feels absolutely right.
2. Alejandro González Iñárritu for Birdman-Oscar nominated and for good reason.

1. Bong Joon-ho for Snowpiercer-Grimey, gritty, and unpredictable. The violence, the settings, the acting. This is one of those unforgettable films. Just one the coolest films you’ll see.

Favorite Ensemble
5. Lego Movie-Incredibly fun with a great voice cast.
4. Captain America: Winter Soldier-Cap, Black Widow, Falcon, Fury, Winter Soldier and so many cool characters. The cats was excellent.
3. Snowpiercer-Chris Evans leads quite the cast with Octavia Spencer, Ed Harris, John Hurt, Tilda Swinton and others. Everyone in the film brings their A game.
2. Birdman-Keaton, Stone, Norton, Watts, Galafinakis-jesus everyone was on point.

1. Guardians of the Galaxy-I think everyone had a several favorite characters. I mean, Vin Diesal as Groot was amazing. Believe that. These guys were perfect.

Favorite Actor
5. Randall Park for the Interview-Say what you want about this film, Park over delivered. The best thing of a rather mediocre film. This man is going to be a star. The way he just nailed Kim and made him scary and sympathetic.
4. Denzel Washington for Equalizer-Denzel does what Denzel does best and that makes him better than 98% of actors.
3. Michael Keaton for Birdman-Oscar nominated, odds on favorite, and a comeback. Keaton showed what all his fans already knew-he is extremely talented. Keatons delivery and mannerisms are just captivating in this amazing film.
2. Chris Pratt for Guardians of the Galaxy/Lego Movie-Anyone who has followed Pratt on Parcks & Recreation knew he was a charismatic personality. Now those people who have never seen the show are witnessing what we already know. He brought so much joy to his character in Lego Movie and headed up GotG as the smooth, cool, grown child of Star-Lord.

1. Chris Evans for Captain America: Winter Soldier & Snowpiercer-Evans killed it two films that are at the top of their respective genres. Snowpiercer will be one of those great dystopian/post-apocalypse scifi films and Winter Soldier is already considered one of the great superhero films-especially of what Marvel Studios has done. The pain and purpose he shows in Snowpiercer or the kind, determined hero in Captain America. Evans was amazing in 2014.

Favorite Actress
5. TIE: Rose Byrne for Neighbors/Emma Stone for Birdman-Rose Byrne hung with the boys in Neighbors and was running shit. Byrne is becoming that dramatic actress who delivers strong performances in comedies. Emma Stone is a recovering addict in Birdman and she works so well off of Keaton and Ed Norton. Both were great and Stone’s got herself that Oscar nod.
4. Eva Green for 300: Rise of an Empire & Sin City: A Dame to Kill For-I know both films are lackluster in various ways but Eva Green is a fucking goddess and I love her.
3. Angelina Jolie for Maleficient-An underwhelming film but one with a perfect lead. This is really just the Angelina Jolie show and she cuts the scenes in half with her razor sharp cheek bones. I only like this film because she is so likeable.
2. Scarlet Johansson for Captain America: Winter Soldier-I have been mixed on the idea of Black Widow film for a while but between Winter Soldier and the current comic ‘gimme me gimme me.’

1. Emily Blunt for Edge of Tomorrow-The only character to carry over from the source material and Emily Blunt was magnificent. Brilliant. Amazing.

Favorite Film of the Year
5. Birdman-A unique viewing experience with so much style and great performances it spits on the state of cinema.
4. Lego Movie-A unique viewing experience with so much fun and wit it spits on the Oscar Animated film nominees.
3. Captain America: Winter Soldier-A unique viewing experience with so much action and thrills it makes standard superhero fare look listless.
2. Guardians of the Galaxy-A unique viewing experience with so much energy and bravado you kind of feel its all donwhill from here with Marvel movies because two next level comic book adaptations from the same studio in two years will probably not happen again.

1. Snowpiercer-A unique viewing experience with so suspense, emotion, and overall bite from the cast to the look to the action and to the climax. All through out Snowpiercer puts forth a dark, gripping, that is so methodical it… I don’t even know how to put into words really the feeling this one left. Brilliance. Just pure brilliance.


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