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An Epic Saga on 8tracks

Fanmix for the post-apocalyptic fantasy film Wizards from famed animation director Ralph Bakshi. The story of a Wizard named Avatar and his companions who journey to confront Avatars brother Blackwolf. Blackwolf leads the mutants who are ravaging the lands with … Continue reading

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LCS Pick Up: Thoughts on Books from 3/25/15

I hate reviews and you should too. So take these with a grain of salt. Multiversity: Ultra Comics #1-Not sure where I’d rank this in the overall Multiversity game-probably top of the bottom half. I still like Thunderworld the best … Continue reading

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Grave Consequences

Its an exciting time to be a wrestling fan. While WWE flails their arms to remind people they are still the biggest promotion in the world while providing subpar storylines and wasting a number of talented athletes in lackluster feuds … Continue reading

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A Sad Generation on 8tracks

Fanmix for the cult black comedy Heathers. A film about a popular girl named Veronica who hangs out with the Heathers and a rebellious boy named JD who she gets with. The two kill one of the Heathers and then … Continue reading

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My 2 Cents: Batgirl’s Joker Variant

The big controversy this week (well, one of them as one is brewing up right now) revolves around the Joker variant to an upcoming Batgirl comic. The crux is a part of the fanbase criticized the cover and wanted it … Continue reading

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April Comics-Subscription, LCS, Other

Subscription Afterlife with Archie #9, Sabrina #4-I’m digging Afterlife even if its release schedule is weird. However Sabrina… Issue 2 hasn’t dropped and issue 3 was canceled and credited to my March orders so… Not expecting this one to come … Continue reading

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The Horror of Pennywise on 8tracks

From Stephen Kings The It. Goldtooth by Nothingface Mother of Abominations by Cradle of Filth Not of this World by Danzig Horror Show by SPF 1000 Pogo the Clown by Dog Fashion Disco Warp City by Ministry Murderous by Nitzer … Continue reading

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