Terry Moore Universe

The coolest connected universe is Terry Moore’s because I forgot Echo and Rachel Rising share the same world as Strangers in Paradise.

For those unaware SiP is pretty much a drama/romance comic with a crime angle. But ultimately about two friends (Katchoo and Francine) and the ‘will they or won’t they get together’ angle.

Echo is straight science fiction complete about a woman who gets covered in an experimental alloy that was being worn as a suit by a scientist who was shot out the sky. It changes her DNA to make her healthier while incorporating the scientists DNA (and some of her memories and personality) into her.

Rachel Rising is a horror comic about Rachel who wakes from a grave and starts to look into the mystery of her death. This ties into reincarnation and witch trials and demons.

Echo had the character of Tambi and Casey show up where as in Rachel Rising two of the recurring characters were seen once in Strangers in Paradise admiring one of Katchoo’s pieces. The character of Jet mentions working in that art gallery but I don’t remember her in SiP.

Its amazing how everything is connected. Makes me wonder what Terry Moore will do after Rachel Rising since he seems to be switching genres and how he will connect it to everything.

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I like comics, wrestling, and other junk.
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