Hail the White Queen on 8tracks

My fourth X-Men fanmix. Emma Frost, the diamond of the X-Men. A villainess, a teacher, a hero, and one of the baddest bitches of the X-Men.

Rogue Mix @ http://8tracks.com/westsidegoth/the-woman-known-as-rogue

Cyclops Mix @ http://8tracks.com/westsidegoth/ode-to-summers-cyclops-fanmix

Storm Mix @ http://8tracks.com/westsidegoth/a-goddess-in-the-sky

I’m Only Happy When it Rains by Garbage
Believe by Franke Potente
had Something (remix) by Ayria
Amplifier by Deadlights
Whatever by Godsmack
Crime Scene by Die So Fluid
You Call Me a Bitch Like Its a Bad Thing by Halestrom
Love and Luxury by KoRn
Who Asked You? by Lucia Cifarelli
Diamonds by Janet Jackson
Of Eyes Remain by Abby Travis
To Play A Slow Game by Chris Connelly and Bill Rieflin
Attitude by Alien Ant Farm
Cyberdelia Non Corborundum by Die Warzau
Enter My Mind by Drain STH
These Boots Were Made For Walking by KMFDM


About CM Towns

I like comics, wrestling, and other junk.
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