April Comics-Subscription, LCS, Other

Afterlife with Archie #9, Sabrina #4-I’m digging Afterlife even if its release schedule is weird. However Sabrina… Issue 2 hasn’t dropped and issue 3 was canceled and credited to my March orders so… Not expecting this one to come out next month. Or anytime soon.

All New X-Men #40 & #41, Uncanny X-Men #34-Counting down to the end of Bendis run on Uncanny which started hot but has kind of fizzled of late. All New has been a mixed bag lately too. However I’m still invested.

Bitch Planet #5-Issue 3 was the issue that turned the series around for me.

Black Widow #17, Silver Surfer #11-My two favorite Marvel books. Love the stories and love the art.

Effigy #4-Still not sure about this series…

Lazarus #16-My favorite Image comic and ongoing single issue series. Oh yeah…

Monster: Perfect Edition vol. 4-One of my favorite manga is being reissued in larger editions and being the wasteful person I am, I am rebuying it.

Nameless #3-Waiting on issue 2 which should be arriving today.

New Vampirella #11-Liking Vampi’s book though I’m still mixed on the art. The Kabal is a cool edition to the Vampirella mythos.

Rachel Rising #33-Recently reread issues 1-30 and this series is fucking epic.

Saga #27, Satellite Sam #13, Shutter #11, Velvet #12-Four excellent Image titles. Saga is obviously a big deal but the other threes are also damn good. Especially Velvet.

Sensation Comics #9-Each issue is a mixed bag but the good stuff far outweighs the weak stuff

Fantastic Four #645-Is this the ending? Yeah?

Red One #2-Gonna pick up issue 1 tomorrow.

Convergence minis Question and Wonder Woman (maybe Harley Quinn, Shazam, and/or Batgirl)-Question and Wonder Woman are definite. Always try WW and happy for some Renee Montoya action. I’ll probably pick up at least one of the other three books.

Empowered Unchained vol. 1-Collecting all the one shots of my favorite ongoing series. Months ahead of volume 9.

Black Lagoon vol. 10-I’ll probably pick this up at the the book store. Been like 2 years since volume 9.


About CM Towns

I like comics, wrestling, and other junk.
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