LCS Pick Up: Thoughts on Books from 3/25/15

I hate reviews and you should too. So take these with a grain of salt.

Multiversity: Ultra Comics #1-Not sure where I’d rank this in the overall Multiversity game-probably top of the bottom half. I still like Thunderworld the best followed by Pax Americana. Still this was an interesting story casting the reader as a part of the story. Loved Doug Mahnke (and the team of inkers) artwork. Definitely one of my favorite looking books in the set. Best of the week for me.

Catwoman #40-I know its a hip book right now but I am dropping Catwoman. I think its fine but it reads like a slow burn and the individual issues haven’t been a slam dunk for me. I know its cool to pile on Judd Winicks and Guillem March for their run but I enjoyed that one much more. It also did pretty good as far as Catwoman comics go compared to better reviewed runs but you’re not likely to hear that runs critics bring that up. I found it fun and energetic despite the problems. I think this books is trying to hard to be special and ends up just being kind of boring. Maybe I’d like it better in trade but I got no motivation to give it another try.

Gotham Academy #6-I was on the fence with this and Catwoman, but as Catwoman is getting dropped I’m keeping up with this one. Between this one and the last issue I think it finally lives up to the hype. No, I was not that impressed with the first few issues outside the AMAZING ART but now the story had finally hooked me. I’m digging this book and look forward to more. But I ain’t picking up the End Game tie in. Not tricking me DC… You almost did with Batgirl but nope. Sticking with the series proper.

Jem and the Holograms #1-I’d rank Sophie Campbell as an all time favorite artist and that’s why I picked up this issue. I’m not too interested in writer Kelly Thompson. I’ve read a few of her blogs and I’m not of like minds in a number of cases and, to be honest, I’ve read some comics she gave 5 stars to on the first issue and scratched my head only to like comics she’s given 2 or less stars to. As for Jem herself, I watched some when I was a kid but it wasn’t my thing. This first issue was fine but… I don’t know… Not sure what to think overall. The issue was a bit exposition heavy which usually bore me as far as first issues go. I wasn’t bored, just not too into what was happening. I’ll give it another issue or two.

Next week I got my subscription box. No books from the LCS luckily.


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