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DCBS Drop Off 4/28/15 & LCS Pick Up 4/29/15

Got a box of comics on Tuesday, picked up some comics on Wednesday. Due to the amount of books I got in my subscription box I’m going to only highlight a few books there. DCBS Effigy #4-4 issues in and … Continue reading

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The Great Cover Up on 8tracks

Cover song collection. Juicy by Emily Wells Trust in Me by Siouxsie & the Banshees Pure Imagination by Fiona Apple Dirty Diana by The Weeknd Mother by Lissie Drak Sweet Dreams by Marilyn Manson Bela Lugosi’s Dead by Opera IX … Continue reading

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Wes Cravens The People Under the Stairs

Several days ago it was announced that Wes Craven and SyFy would team up for a television adaptation of his cult classic The People Under the Stairs. An announcement that caught me and fans of the film by surprised. How? … Continue reading

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In My Heart: Nana fanmix @ 8tracks

Tribute to the unfinished masterpiece Nana. Two women with the same name who meet on a train to Tokyo. Rock music, celebrity, relationships, friendships, and more. Yes, I use music from the anime. Lucy by Anna Tsuchiya Wish by Olivia … Continue reading

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DCBS Drop Off: Thoughts on Subscription Books from 4/14/15

What came in my subscription box from DCBS and quick thoughts. Done in reading order. Vampirella #11-Not a strong climax to the second story arc. While I enjoyed the introduction of the Kabal but this continues to add to the … Continue reading

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Shame Of Liking Vampirella

A few days ago on a tumblr page I answered an anonymous message from a man who was feeling ashamed about reading Vampirella at work. A co-worker, who he considered a friend, felt it was sexist. I laid out my … Continue reading

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LCS Pick Up: Thoughts on Books from 4/8/15

Convergence: Question #1 and Harley Quinn #1-So thats it for the week. I am not buy convergence, I guess something about worlds fighting? I don’t know. Question was good. Cully Hamner’s art is great and glad to have Rucka behind … Continue reading

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