DCBS Drop Off: Thoughts on Subscription Books from 3/31/15

Once more, quick reviews to be ignored.

Black Widow #16-My favorite issue as far as Phil Noto’s art goes. The best parts all revolve around the flashback about a young Natasha and her admiration of a ballet dancer. This and Silver Surfer, two character I don’t really like, are my two fave Marvel books.

Effigy #3-Three issues in and I still don’t know what to think. The mystery is not interesting me and outside the lady lead I have not been hooked in yet. Don’t know if I will be going forward but since I’m ordered through to issue 5 I might decide on issue 4 when I receive it.

Red Sonja #15-Finish up the current arc with Sonja trying to survive a curse while being pursued by the brother of a wizard she killed. Nice ending, some cool scenes, but the arc is not as fun as the previous one. Still Sonja continues to be a fun romp and I will keep supporting it as long as Gail Simone keeps producing entertaining stories.

Satellite Sam #12-Okay issue. There were some developments, lots of drama, a couple laughs. Not a stand out issue as far as the series goes though.

Sensation Comics #8-Been a great anthology series. The opening story by James Tynion and Noelle Stevenson was a wonderful piece. Diana running away and hanging out with girls at a Pier arcade/amusement park. The secondary story was good too but overshadow by that first story. Sensation has been dropping a number of great WW shorts. I’m not going to say anything bad about the current series because I think its okay but this is the superior WW book.

Uncanny X-Men #32-Bendis is winding down his Uncanny run with this somber issue. It was a good, reflective issue. I have been mostly a fan of Bendis’ run but concerned this will end in a whimper. We’ll see. Only a few more issues before X-Men are rebooted. Right?


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