Shame Of Liking Vampirella

A few days ago on a tumblr page I answered an anonymous message from a man who was feeling ashamed about reading Vampirella at work. A co-worker, who he considered a friend, felt it was sexist. I laid out my thoughts-specially regard to the heritage of the character from the women who have worked on her to the leegnds who have also contributed. I also stated that enjoying a female character is not sexist as long as its about the character and not how she is depicted visually.

They sent me a follow up and-well, it sounds like it soured. It was excuses and he was reported to the boss because reading the comic made her feel uncomfortable.

This bothers me. Vampirella comics, specifically right now, are not nudy comics. They are horror-action. We ca sit here and debate about the costume but ultimately the real problem is the idea that all the positives of a characters, all their history, is nullified by a costume. That’s my problem. I do not know this woman or if she knows anything about comics, but it does not matter. It matters that a guy got in trouble for nothing more but liking a character and being shamed for it. I find this BS.

There is this phrase from progressives (or SJWs) use about how “cheesecake” of “these kinds of characters” have a place and yet there is this lingering feeling for some readers that liking certain creators or characters is shameful and I don’t like that. Obviously this woman who complained does not represent the voices of those progressives but I think on some level the overall feeling that this reader had is something some readers feel in this discussion. That its not okay to like this sort of work. Of course real comic fans, progressive or not, would try not to shame anyone for liking Vampi (but there are always assholes in any group) and if this woman was really a friend she would not have gotten on the guy for reading a comic book.

Well… Whatever… He said he’s going to just be reading them at home.


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