DCBS Drop Off: Thoughts on Subscription Books from 4/14/15

What came in my subscription box from DCBS and quick thoughts. Done in reading order.

Vampirella #11-Not a strong climax to the second story arc. While I enjoyed the introduction of the Kabal but this continues to add to the daughter of Lilith, mother of vampire origin. I’m old school. Give me space vampires! Hopefully the next arc will avoid any aspects of Vampirellas more horror origin and just give me a good supernatural slug fest. Writer Nancy Collins first arc dealt with parts of Vampi’s origin too but I felt it was a stronger story overall. Got the Stephanie Buscema cover this time around.

Saga #27-I like Saga quite a bit but this arc, I don’t know. It feels weird with the parents being more and more removed from one another. While it did give focus to Marko I was not too impressed with it. Still, amazing looking book.

Wonder Woman #40-I plan to do a whole write up on this controversial runs first arc. Picked up the movie variant.

Nameless #3-Grant Morrison and Chris Burnhams horror in space comic finally gets somewhere with crazy gore and twisted imagery. Still needing more meat to the story but visually its really cool. Just happy Morrison is playing around with different things.

Harley Quinn #16-I keep trying to remind myself why I buy this comic…

Monster: Perfect Edition vol. 4-I already read the stories in here. Naoki Urasawa is arguably the best comic storyteller working in the world today. Monster is his first book to breakout in the States about a doctor searching for a boy he once saved who has grown to be a cult figure. A monster capable of such evil. A beautiful tense and thrilling series. Check it out.


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