DCBS Drop Off 4/28/15 & LCS Pick Up 4/29/15

Got a box of comics on Tuesday, picked up some comics on Wednesday. Due to the amount of books I got in my subscription box I’m going to only highlight a few books there.

Effigy #4-4 issues in and I’m pretty sure my opinion on this book won’t change. I don’t really care about the story, the characters and while the art is cute its not enough for me to keep going forward with it.

The Fade Out #5-I pulled this from my subscription service but I still had issue 5 paid for. I think the book is good, I just don’t have the push to continue with it. Sean Philips art is wonderful but the story’s progress is-well, crime fiction is not a genre I’m that interested in. Sure, sometimes the genre produces something that delights me but a lot of times I’m just at arms length. Something a lot of Brubakers work does for me. This issue, was strong, and I might just pick it up from the LCS from now on.

Lazarus #16-A slight break from Forever Carlyle and her family to watch as a Nun in their employ on a mission. Another strong addition to my favorite single issue ongoing series right now. Very moody, very tense, very well executed. Highly recommended.

Sabrina #2-After the big delay issue 2 finally comes out and hopes to get all those who were into issue 1, excited again. Does it? Hard to say. I found issue one was more interesting than good. Same could be said about issue 2 which brings forth the villainess in the series. Robert Hacks artwork continues to be the right fit and the biggest plus. Hopefully future issues will be better and, it seems, those issues will arrive much sooner than this one did.

Shutter #11-The adventures of Kate and her half sister continue in another big, fantasy adventure issue. Lately it seems a lot of books I like more for the art’s ability to execute the story than the story itself. Shutter is starting to move into the place where I like it 50/50. Joe Keating, who I did not really dig with Glory, I am liking more here on this book. Leila Del Duca is a future superstar artist IMO.

Velvet #10-Ed Brubakers other comic book, with Steve Epting, is his best. Well, for me at least. Big time spy action. Great looking comic book. If I had to rate my favorite Image books this one and Saga would be fighting for my number 2 spot. Another title you should look into.

Multiversity #2-Does Morrison stick the landing? More like stumbles and then catches itself for the pose. I love Morrison but can be argued that endings are not exactly his strong suit. Even my favorite Morrison series (7 Soldiers) has a rocky ending. At most I’d say just less than half of his stories finish really strong. That said, this is big, this is colorful, and it has Aquawoman. Its a fun climax to an amazing series of books. While not the strongest chapter, it sits above at least two others in my eyes.

Convergence: Shazam! #1-I like Shazam! and this was an amazing looking book. Cameron Stewart knocked it out of the park with Thunderworld Adventures but Evan Shaner’s is even better. Beautiful book and Jeff Parker captures the fun of it all. Of the four Convergence books I’ve picked up this is easily my favorite. Tied with Joshua Middleton on WW for best art. I don’t care about Convergence but these have been fun.

Jem & the Holograms #2-I am a big fan of Sophie Campbell so I have to be honest, I prefer her writing her own material to other people writing for her. I did not like Glory and so far I’m not too keen on Jem’s story. I vaguely watched this show as a kid and thought it was alright so I lack the nostalgia for it. Of course nostalgia has not gotten me into following most anything based on stuff I liked as a kid. I’d rather just watch the old cartoons. Still, this is a beautiful book and I’ll probably buy more issues until I feel I am just wasting cash.


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