Get EXTREME! with the Suicide Squad

I am hyped as fuck for Suicide Squad. Now, I never cared enough to try the comics. The animated movie that came out this year (or was it last?) was alright. I would say thats why this whole thing appeals to me but I know a number of these characters. I like Deadshot. I love Harley Quinn. I think Killer Crocs cool. Katana is interesting. I have mixed feelings on the Joker character. So I do have strong feelings abut certain things. But while a number of the fan reaction has been negative to the various reveals, my interest keeps growing. I’m going to try to break it down why this is the greatest comic book movie coming up only second to next years Deadpool.

1. NO FUCKS GIVEN-Seriously. So far it feels like there will be no fucks given. Its like the looked at the comics, studied the comics, and decided-“Fuck it.” I mean… What the hell is up with the Joker? Like Marilyn Manson hoped up on serious mind-fucking drugs. Some of those outfits the crew is using are crazy. They went with the more normal size Killer Crock instead of the giant crazy mutant he became over time, and its amusing to me. Why are there so many damn cast members? We still haven’t seen Amanda Waller (played by Viola Davis) also there are several cast members who have unconfirmed roles. Does this movie need this many characters? I’ve seen moves where its all style, or where it feels like everything is thrown at a wall, but this feels different somehow. More… More risky. I need to see it.

2. 90s EXTREME!-Come on. These is a sort of ridiculousness to it so far that’s actually heart warming. A lot of superhero movies try to hard to be taking seriously, or attempt to put big superheroes in the real world. Very few of these movies have really embraced the four color, over the top, “this shit would never happen” absolute insanity. Especially of the muscled up, over sexualized, crazy that is 90s comics. This feels like some 90s comic complete with Rob Liefeld guns and pouches.

3.THE CAST-Warner Bros. is taking serious chances with the cast. Moreso than Marvel Studios. They are trying to proliferate a universe quickly with all types of men and women. That’s important to me. This is the third movie in the slate and it has 4 black actors, one of which is a woman and yeah-ones playing Killer Croc but still. I mean, why not? He’s not an alien so he can just be a black dude with a serious skin condition. There are two Latino actors, one of Native American descent. An Asian actress playing Katana, a character whose profile outside the DC comics has grown considerably. Plus two other actress. I mean-damn! I’m digging this. Even the Justice League seems to have made interesting choices but not compared to this. But between the two films, DCU is going to have all types of strange characters. Though I’m sure some of the Squad will die.

4. THE NEGATIVITY-When I see something I kind of dig that is getting heaps of hate or negativity I love it even more.

harley-big-720d8 deadshot-c052f

There you have it. This why I’m excited. So basically its Deadpool, Suicide Squad, Batman vs Superman or X-Men: Apocalypse tied for third, Dr. Strange, and at the end Capt. America Civil War because fuck Civil War.


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