DCBS Drop Off 5/19/15 & LCS Pick Up 5/20/15


Afterlife with Archie #8-A moody comic set close to Christmas with a few major things to cover and a couple great twists. A good issue but I’d like the book to spend some time with Veronica coming up.

Bitch Planet #4-A prison female team is forming to compete in Megaton. But thats not the most important thing happening in this issue. Its what goes on in the end. So far I’m a bit back and forth on this book but I’m sticking with it for a few more issues on the strength of the third issue.

Rachel Rising #33-A witch (or maybe demon, I don’t know) digs herself out the ground and finds a farm to stay at. Not much but a beautiful looking book. I reread the first 30 issues a couple months or so ago so it reawakened my passion for the book so 31 and up is the start of a new big arc so I’ll have to give it some time.

Rocket Girl #6-The book is back after months and… I don’t know. It looks good but I think the extended time off has hurt my interest in this series. Nothing really appealing struck me about this issue so hopefully the next couple issues (at least one of which I paid for like half a year ago) has some interesting stuff happen. I might have to go back and reread issues 1-5.

Saga #28-The Prince is being hunted down. Hazel is being taken by the “revolutionists”. Things are going from bad to worst and yes, it was the best book in the pile.

Silver Surfer #11-An epic undertaking of sequential storytelling that can be a bit frustrating in its looping and different narrative view points. Still, many points for the effort and more for the amazing art.

Swords of Sorcery #1-A number of Dynamites ladies (a number of which are licensed) receive magic swords in preparation for a big showdown against a big bad. Not enough focus on any one character so its a jumble of scenes. It looks good though. With the various tie ins I hope writer Gail Simone limits the focus in the upcoming issues. Plus the book needs more Vampirella.


Archie vs. Predator #2-Amusingly violent. Seriously. Makes the artwork, that so exemplifies the look of Archie, so strange. Strange to see a certain classic character have their head an spine ripped out. Better than the first issue. Also, all the covers are great.

Convergence: Wonder Woman #2-These have been… Interesting. Sadly issue two doe snot have the amazing Joshua Middleton but former WW artist, the talented Aaron Lopresti, steps up an does a good job. Its basically Wonder Woman versus vampire/supernatural versions of a few Batman baddies. The handling of WW’s personality by Larry Hama is very strong.

Fade Out #6-Dropped off of by DCBS but issue 5 was strong enough for me to check out 6. Not as good but with the blacklisted writer Gil making some moves to solve a certain mystery might pick things up a bit. There is an article about Our Gang/Little Rascals and the importance of the series with black integration by Badass Digest/BirthMoviesDeath editor Devin Faraci that was very enlightening. Its there because one of the black characters was a co-star with our recently deceased starlet (her death is the jump off for the series) in a similar type of serials.

Jem and the Holograms #3-Best looking book in the pile. But it reads like the series would be better in trades. Also I am watching the TV series now and little things are making me scratch my head. Kimber is definitely different in the issues. I want to say more… I don’t know, upbeat? Maybe less moody I should say. Might just be early. I’ve also become very fascinated with Pizzazz and her fathers relationship so I wonder if that will become part of the series. Right now though… Its okay. Amazing art.

I didn’t do anything for last week because, well, all three comics were disappointing or just kind of lackluster.

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