Big Superhero Crossover @ 8tracks

Big Superhero Event Time! A hero will die! Maybe even two! Bad guys will come out in force to unleash their villainous plan! Big twists and turns and over the top drama and action! Watch the heroes come together and face off against evil! Maybe even a satisfactory conclusion (probably not)!

Pretty much every big superhero event ever!

Then its back to the status quo in time to build to the next BIG SUPERHERO CROSSOVER!

Darkness by SPF1000
The Noose by The Offspring
I Walk the Line by Alien Sex Fiend
Don’t Hide It Provide It by Foetus
Childhood (Don’t) A-Go-Go by Dr. Steel
Sleeper by Nothingface
Death of a Hero by LAZERPUNK!
St. James Infirmary Blues by Chris Randall
Damn!/Where’ I’m Coming From Lil’ Jon and the Eastside Boyz vs. Anthony Hamilton (Spaded Mash Up)
Kicked Ones. pt. 2 by Kabuto the Python and Schaffer the Darklord
Hitlers Brain by Die Warzau and George Clinton
Everything You Ever from Dr. Horribles Sing-A-Long Blog
Keep The Streets Empty For Me by Fever Ray
Bad List by Ayria
Die Another Day by Madonna
Run With Us by Lisa Loughreed
Holding Out For A Hero Bonnie Tyler
Heroes and Villains by Powerman 5000
Search and Destroy by the Stooges
Stars In the Night by CFO$
The First Time by Finger Eleven


About CM Towns

I like comics, wrestling, and other junk.
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