DCBS Drop Off 6/2/15 & LCS Pick Up 5/27/15, 6/3/15


Black Widow #18-Personally feel the journey is better than the resolution. #18 finishes up a number of things, looks good, and while it is feel good in its tie up it is not one of my favorite issues.

Red Sonja #16-Sonja versus death. The aftermath of the previous arc has cameos from a number of people Sonja met along her way through Gail Simones run. This would’ve been a solid series finale but thankfully its not.

Satellite Sam #14-Some serious stuff goes down. I really don’t know what to say about the issue. I guess I’ve cooled on the series. Though I’m curious about the character of Gene and Eve.

Sensational Comics featuring Wonder Woman #10-Sensation has delivered several amazing stories, sadly this issue does not feature any that I believe standout. The first has WW helping a friend by working security for a singer. Its a nice story but I found it a little boring. Aaron Lopresti, a former WW artist who I quite like, writes and draws a good story where she takes on a dragon. Hope the next issue has a stand out.

Shutter #12-The finale of the first “Season” has our explorer Kate face to face with the leader of Prospero who may be her mother. Kate is not at all interested in anything this person wants. This does not please the leader of Prospero. Has a really cool development and a sort of “I saw this coming” twist at the end. Overall, Shutter continues to dazzle.

Uncanny X-Men #34-The future of X-Men is up in the air but until then this issue with Dazzler and the young X-Men confronting Mystique is a pretty good done in one. Now I await what idiocy marvel plans to unleash on a great, loved franchise in order for Fox to give up the reigns on the movies even though they won’t because the movies make money.

Vampirella #12-Of course Vampi comes into conflict with the other Nosferatu. It had to happen. more development of her position as queen of the Nosferatu (even though her current origin pretty much makes her Princess of all Vampires). Love the Mike Mayhew cover. Next issues cover is already a fave.

Convergence: Shazam! #2-Beautiful, beautiful looking book. I like the look and feel. Interjecting the Elseworlds Gotham by Gaslight Batman and his enemies did not ruin anything. Plus the confrontation with the villain. DC really needs to do a good reissue of classic Shazam stories.

Wonder Woman Annual #1-The Finches finish off their controversial, maybe just critically panned, first arc War Torn. Then Meredith is joined by Goran Sudzuka. I think War Torn turned out fine. In fact, I think this arc is far better than people give credit to. Meredith is an inexperienced writer taking over after a major and controversial run and probably has limited reading of the character before taking the project. It was rocky through out by this issue I believe Diana really started sounding like Diana. The final fight, the tie up, and the early scene with Diana handling the situation with the aliens instead of coming to blows. I liked the back up though it further confuses me with how exactly mortality and immortality works on Paradise Island. So, yeah, I’m in the minority.

Dropped Effigy.


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