Definitely, Maybe

Definitely, Maybe is the Ryan Reynolds vehicle about a father who is going through divorce telling his daughter, played by Abigail Breslin, a story about the three women in his life, one of which is her mother. Its up to his daughter to figure out which one is her mother. The story tracks him through his move from Wisconsin, where his college sweetheart lives, to New York to work on Clinton’s Presidential run. The three women of focus is his college sweetheart played by Elizabeth Banks, a writer played by Rachel Weisz, and a free spirit played by Isla Fisher.

I saw this film a year after its release on the suggestion of my brother. It was sweet then and its sweet now. Ryan Reynolds has had a rocky road as far as starring roles go but I always thought of him likeable. Which is the key to his part in William Hayes. He is incredibly likeable as a guy with big aspirations and having terrible timing. Some of which is not his fault but you feel bad for the guy. When he is set to propose to his girlfriend when she visits him in New York only to be told that she cheated on him. How his relationship with the writer goes which knocks him off the course he set for himself. Plus the wrong timing with Isla Fishers character April. Each of the three ladies are talented actress’ and do strong jobs with their characters. Though if I had to rank them in any terms I’d put Elizabeth Banks last simply because he role seems shortest. Isla does really shine in her role and the story about her search for her old copy of Jane Eyre gives her more story then the others. Banks is really missing a bit if that extra story cause even Weisz had more meat in her role.

I’m not the kind of person who watches romantic comedies but I like a few. Though this one doesn’t really feel like a comedy to me. I guess that’s why they gave it three genre definitions in romantic comedy-drama. Its definitely more drama and a good one. Feel good film with a strong ending. I don’t know what made me go out of my way to watch this movie again. I believe because I have so many action and geek genre movies (a number of cult films that’ll probably be awful) awaiting me I needed something different before jumping into them. Plus I finally watched the new Ninja Turtles the day before and I needed something good to wipe the memory of that.


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