That Synthwave Mix @ 8tracks

Just a mix of synthwave and retro wave music for your listening pleasure.

Technoir by Perturbator ft. Noir Deco
Time to Escape by Cristian Berganga
Blood In Blood Out by VHS Glitch
Drive to Live by CRYOSAT
L.A. Venice Bitch 80s by Carpenter Brut
Twelve by Judge Bitch
Vengeance (Return of the Night Driving Avenger) by Pertubator
Death by Distortion by Dan Terminus
End of Galaxy by Spaceships in the Dark
Run, Sally, Run by Carpenter Brut
3 am by Lazerpunk!
Wipe Out Thugs by INTERCEPTOR
Dark Pursuit Street Cleaner
Zenith by Betamaxx
All My Exe’s Died in Texas by Muscle
Bright Shadows by Waveshaper
Closer by Timecop1983
Magic by FM Attack

About CM Towns

I like comics, wrestling, and other junk.
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