DCBS Drop Off 6/16/15 & LCS Pick Up 6/17/15

All New X-Men #41-I’ve lost all interest in this book. Sad cause it started so hot.

Death Vigil #7-I was annoyed by the super small panels that were laid out on the bottom of a few pages. This did read like the lead into a final chapter with only a couple important aspects happening. One of the better books in my box.

Harley Quinn #17-I just look at the pretty pictures.

Gotham Academy #7-Maps and Damian Wayne team up to solve a mystery. This is an increasingly cute series.

Nameless #4-WTF?

Nonplayer #2-Four years since issue #1 and a pretty good science fiction issue. Now to wait 4 years for issue 3.

Rachel Rising #34-Lilith is back and warns Rachel. This is a slow moving series but when read together is excellent. Looking forward to this arc picking up.

Sabrina #3-That was a short wait compared to the months between issues 1 and 2. Issue 3 might be the best of the bunch with a very nice cliffhanger. I need more.

Saga #29-That ending… eh. Maybe I should be more surprised but really, in entertainment, no. Kind of go for the course now. Sorry Saga, not shocked. Unless this a swerve but then again… No, won’t be surprised.

Silver Surfer #12-Cute issue following up a very daring issue. One of the best books out IMO.

Starfire #1-Cute is the word of the day. Not really into what Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti do as writers (only buying Harely for art and for WTFness of it) and found this issue, a little lacking, but Starfire is portrayed as a sweet girl and Emanueala Lupacchino is a great artist.

Swords of Sorrow #2-Better than issue 1.


Archie vs. Predator #3-Bloody but not as good as issue 1. Love the Gisele cover.

Black Canary #1-Welcome to my “I like the art more than the story” club of comics. Seriously-thats my feeling on more than half of the books I buy. But its the first issue, we’ll see.


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