LCS Pick Up 6/24/15 & DCBS Drop Off 6/26/15

DCBS switched carriers on me so got my stuff quick.

Batgirl #41-Still liking the art better than the story. The art is soooooooooooo good.

Dawn/Vampirella #4-A very good looking series thats been a bit rocky as far as quality goes but still digging it.

The Fade Out #7-Hovering on the pull list but slowly pulling itself up. Issue 5 and 6 were turning points for me.

Jem and the Holograms #4-Really, I’d rather just have a Pizzazz and the Misfits comic. Very cute series. Still needs more Pizzazz.

Annihilator #6-Grant Morrison and Frazer Irving’s finale is big, extravagant and over the top crazy. Kind of hard to make sense sometimes but that could be just needing to do a reread. Still Max Nomax and Ray Spass face down the forces of Vada in third act finale. The art is stunning, the story’s got some odd twists and turns and great lines. Nice one.

Black Widow #19-A flashback story thats pretty good.

Grayson #9-Officialy my fave DC book. Action packed, good looking (and to think I disliked Mikel Janin) and very fun. Its also interesting to see a series that is designed for a female gaze (many of DC’s female fans love Dick) or plays up Graysons position as a gay icon of sorts. Very cool series starring the former Robin, Nightwing, and Batman. The guy can works on every reinvention.

Justice League of America #1-Bryan Hitch’s first issue was pretty good.

Lazarus #17-Favorite Image book. Forever Carlyle putting a team together to go whup some ass. Like it.

Prez #1-Strange story about a teen girl who needs money who suddenly becomes in the running for US Presidency thanks to the elimination of Age Restrictions for Office and write in votes. Ben Caldwell is a very cool artist.

Revival #30-Emilio Laiso steps in on art, does a fine job. A Colonel is in town taking control of a manhunt. Series taking some nice turns. Book is holding up as I didn’t realize it was on issue 30.

Sensation Comics featuring Wonder Woman #11-Full sized story. Nice action and art but not among my fave of the anthology series but still above almost half the rest of the stories.

Wonder Woman #41-I think the quality is gradually improving with both Finch’s getting better and better. I’m pretty sure I’m one of the few. But that new costume sucks…


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