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Maxximized: The Maxx fanmix @ 8tracks

Maxx is a vagrant who shifts between the real world and Outback where he protects his Jungle Queen. A Jungle Queen who in the real world is named Julie Winters and works as a freelance social worker. Sam Keith’s Maxx … Continue reading

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Advice For Struggling Superheroines: Empowered Mix @ 8tracks

A fanmix for Adam Warrens Empowered. The story of Emp, a struggling superhero with a flimsy super suit who tends to get tied up a lot. Yet she still tries and sometimes saves the day and sometimes kicks serious ass. … Continue reading

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Looking Back On the G1 Climax 25 Performances

G1 Climax is the biggest wrestling tournament in the world. Held by New Japan Pro Wrestling, the second biggest promotion in the world. NJPW has been mostly been on top in Japan since the 70s and has been home of … Continue reading

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Hey There, Hero pt. 3 @ 8tracks

The journey comes to and end in the final part of the trilogy. The threats are bigger as the final boss is around the corner. Will the hero save the day or fail? Part 1 @ Part 2 @ … Continue reading

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The Highlight Reel: Tomoaki Honma vs. Michael Elgin

August 1st 2015 saw the collision between NJPW’s favorite underdog act Tomoaki Honma and the powerhouse gaijin Michael Elgin as part of the G1 Climax. G1 Climax is the biggest wrestling tournament in the world from the unquestioned number two … Continue reading

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