Hey There, Hero pt. 3 @ 8tracks

The journey comes to and end in the final part of the trilogy. The threats are bigger as the final boss is around the corner. Will the hero save the day or fail?

Part 1 @ http://8tracks.com/westsidegoth/your-are-the-hero

Part 2 @ http://8tracks.com/westsidegoth/you-are-the-hero-part-2

Tragic Hero by Funker Vogt
Professional Killer by KMFDM
Thriller by Superpowerless
Vanished by Crystal Castles
Influence by Sister Machine Gun
MDK by Judge Bitch
The Titan Who Cried Like A Baby by Monster Magnet
Desperado by Alice Cooper
Street Fighter II Ryu Remix
Burn Away by Birthday Massacre
Friends and Enemies by Ayria
Light [musikist ist macht] by Gunther Schulz
86′ by VHS Dreams
Roll the Dice by Sinister Six
I Against I by Mos Def and Massive Attack
Last Level Last Life by Mega Corp
Final Battle by Random
Brainsick by Mystery Skulls
VICTORY from Bubblegum Crisis
Digital Love by Daft Punk
Ending Theme from Fushigi Yugi


About CM Towns

I like comics, wrestling, and other junk.
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