The Price of Subscription Services

Over on twitter the “acclaimed” Beyond Wrestling is saying that indy wrestling companies with subscription streaming services fucked up by putting it under 10 dollars. Than went into arguments as to why. While I understand the idea that it should lower than WWE (or similar priced) because they are the standard I can buy the idea that WWE fans don’t buy indy wrestling which is Beyonds point. After that its complete BS.

Its called an entertainment budget Beyond, ever heard of it? Indy wrestling fans usually buy indy wrestling of several companies. So why should someone pay 20 bucks a month on one streaming service and then spend 15-50 bucks a month on other companies DVD products? Why? Thats some serious money being spent.

I don’t buy too much indy wrestling now but in the last 4-6 weeks I’ve spent 55 bucks on PWG, 36 on Chikara, plus the 10 dollars on WWE Network and almost 9 on NJPWWorld. That’s a lot of wrestling and I ain’t using some of it until important shows drop. Plus its a lot of product and a lot of time on a single hobby. Seriously-I can not afford multiple subscription services AND DVDs nor do I have the time to watch all that’s offered from subscription services. Lets also remember that indy fans probably have other interests and might be supporting other non-wrestling subscription services. Maybe they got Netflix or Hulu or maybe paying 15 bucks a month on Loot Crate or buying comic books. I buy comic books and that kills an entertainment budget. I seriously spend far more than I should on wrestling, comics, and others.

Beyond should be thanking indy companies for offering lower subscription service prices because the higher it is the less likely they will spend their money on other indy wrestling companies. Hell, we should all be thanking any and every subscription company that offers low and affordable prices. Because it helps the individual entertainment budget. If you’re going to go with high prices-you better have enough goods to make it worth more than two cheaper services.


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