31 Days of Horror and Supernatural Films: Forbidden World (Mutant)

Going to try watching 31 horror or supernatural movies. So for the first of Halloween I checked out cult classic Forbidden World.

A troubleshooter is called to assist with a problem at a genetics lab on a desert planet. The lab is looking to develop a cure to the galaxy wide food crisis and the answers rely in subject 20. A lifeform that grew from their experiments. The monster hatches form its cocoon and starts attacking all the residents of the lab.

This is an Alien rip off. One of a few that Roger Corman produced. The film was directed by Allan Holzman whose original cut had humor in it which was rejected by Corman. The cuts on a blu-ray release but what I saw was clearly the original cut. Too bad, could have used some humor. This is a bad movie. None of the actors are at all interesting apart from maybe the scientist Cal. The lead-Jesse Vint, is rather boorish. Makes the whole bit with the two scientist women wanting to bone worse. Gratuitous nudity is indeed presented here. The monster is interesting. Sometimes it looks neat, a lot of times it does not. Have to film at the right angle I guess. I was pretty bored watching this film. Also bored with the scientists claiming they need to capture it and not kill it. Stupid people.

Visually it was alright. A lot more colorful than Alien, the station did have a bit of a claustrophobic feel but sadly was not utilized like in Alien. For a low budget scifi/horror film its not an ugly film. The music was okay. I even thought the idea of what the mutant was trying to do was fascinating. Probably the most interesting idea in the film.

Overall not a good way to kick off this challenge I gave myself. Trailer below is NSFW.


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