31 Days of Horror and Supernatural Films: House on Haunted Hill

Day 3

An eccentric millionaire played by legendary Vincent Price and his wife throw a haunted house party and a notorious mansion. If any of the five guests can survive the night they will each be rewarded $10,000. One of the gusts is the owner of the house who refuses to stay, dreading ghosts. The house has had seven murders take place there. Some of the ghosts seem to be haunting one of the guests, Nora very early on. The seven individuals are locked in when things start getting worst.

This classic of American horror is not what I expected. Directed by legendary filmmaker William Castle this film… well… I know its old but I’m not interested in giving away anything. It just did not exactly work as I thought it would. Its a very good looking movie, and the performances are strong. I really liked Carol Ohmart who I looked up and was one of many actress’ being pushed as the next big thing who never quite took off. In spite of this ended up in a few cult classics including drug-exploitation film Wild Youth. As for Price, I don’t know if I have seen many films with him but you can really see why he was such a famous horror actor. The way he glides, his cadence in his speech, the way he smiles makes you think murder is on the menu. The introduction at the start was a nice touch and I really enjoyed the look of the mansion on the outside. They filmed on sound stages but used the Ennis House in California as the establishing shot. A really creepy looking home.

Overall a nice film but after three days have not yet seen anything I can say I’d put into my favorites. Or not even recommendations.


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