31 Days of Horror and Supernatural Films: Starry Eyes

Second films for the month. So far so good…

A young fame starved would be actress named Sarah has a weird audition. She seems to fail at it but her hair pulling fit (Trichotillomania) in the restroom afterward catches their attention. The auditions continue as Sarah also deals with her job and her friends (really her roommates friends). Most of which she really feels uncomfortable around. Desperate for the chances she finally agrees to the producers proposal. Not exactly what she expects as her body starts going through a metamorphosis.

Last nights film, Forbidden World, was a bad start and while Starry Eyes is not a major rebound it was a vastly better film. It looked good, had very good performances, great music, and one of the most brutal death scenes I’ve seen in a film. The build could be a bit boring for some, I know there was a while I was hoping it would move a little quicker despite being a short film at just 98 minutes. The transformation was pretty effective though-especially gross in a couple parts. Alex Essoe who plays Sarah does a damn fine job in this film.

I wish the soundtrack was available on mp3 rather than vinyl. Really?

Also the death scene of the one girl-beautiful. Very strong ending and really a good little satanic horror thriller.


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