31 Days of Horror and Supernatural Films: The Fly (1958)

Day 5

The classic sci-fi horror film by genre director Kurt Neumann and co-starring genre fave Vincent Price. The film follows a story that a widow tells her brother-in-law about the death of his brother. The story is about a scientist who invents a matter transport machine but an accident disfigures him. he is desperate to catch a fly with a white head in hopes of fixing the mistake. Obviously they fail as its told after his death. The classic film, based on a short story, would be remade by David Cronenberg which itself became a classic of scifi horror. I’m going to watch that one tomorrow.

I have to be honest, I do not really view this as a horror film. Its mostly a pure scifi movie with a monster. The ending was a little shocking but leading up to that its all about the experiment and how it goes wrong. The scientist is a monster and, to be fair, his fly head looks pretty cool. Thats pretty much it. If you’re expecting anything sinister I’m sorry-you’re not going to get it. The film really relies on actress Patricia Owens to carry the film. She does an admirable job through out. I just read up on her, and like Carol Ohmart in House on Haunted Hill, did not have any major hits other than this one. Shame-both women showed a lot of range. Also Owens father was an MI5 double agent-fascinating. Vincent Price plays the brother-in-law so his role is actually minor. Sure he’s on screen for maybe a third of the film but he is rarely in the actual story until his sister-in-laws story is over and he seeks to prove she’s not crazy. The film looks good and despite not having much thrills its paced well so you never get bored. The final sequence with the fly (not the scientist but the fly that flew into the chamber with him) and the spider is pretty mesmerizing.

Overall, good but looking forward to Cronenbergs remake which I saw very young and can’t remember but I have vague memories of it creeping me the fuck out.

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