31 Days of Horror and Supernatural Films: The Fly (1986)

Day 6

The 1986 scifi classic and classic of body horror is based on the same short story that was basis of the Vincent Price classic from 1958 which I watched yesterday. The stories are completely different but do involve a matter transportation machine and the scientist who tried making the trip but got spliced with a fly. This one, unlike the other film or the original story for that matter, does away with the scientist family and the wife telling the story. No, Jeff Goldblum tries to pick up a reporter played by Geena Davis and shows off his experiment. He lets her document his experiment as he continues working. He fixes the the problem with inanimate transport and after some drinking tries it on himself but the fly caught in the chamber splices its DNA with his unlike the other film in which the fly and the scientist swapped certain parts. As he continues to mutate he starts becoming erratic and dangerous.

This is a very cool looking film. The make up effects are top notch which won it the Academy award. The mutation is gross and a great horror visual. Body horror is about the decay, disease or mutation of the body. This is a sick looking film and gross at times. I’m one to tell you I hate watching body parts fall off let alone peel off. I find it harder to watch than plan stabbing for gore. Goldblum is excellent and Davis is an always capable actress. This is the best film I’ve seen of the movies I’ve watched through this 31 day challenge. Recommended. If you can deal with the grotesque and this type of stuff doesn’t turn you off.


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