31 Days of Horror and Supernatural Films: The Shivers

Day 7

David Cronenbergs first feature length film, Shivers (aka Orgy of the Blood Parasites, The Parasite Murders, and They Came From Within) follows an outbreak of sexual violence and murder at a large apartment complex on an island outside Montreal. The source comes from a parasite, an experiment by a doctor. He implanted it into his teen mistress who had sex with various people in the apartment complex. The films main focus is on a doctor who knew the original scientist and is also dealing with patients suffering from the first effects of STD.

What can I say? Its a very good idea that doesn’t quite work out. The parasite effects are just okay and the violence, while rampant in the second half of the film-its not exactly all that thrilling. As far as suspense goes, does not quite get it right. The jumping around reduced the time to build a real sense of dread for the people trying to survive. That said, the acting was pretty good. The three women-Lynn Lowry, Susan Petrie and Barbara Steele have the most interesting parts. I looked up all three women and Steele is actually quite a famous Italian actress thanks to horror having worked in several classics and cult classics. Well-probably more for working the famous 8 1/2 weeks than horror.

Overall a shoulder shrug from me. One great Cronenberg film to one that gets a resounding meg. Tomorrow I check out Scanners.


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