31 Days of Horror and Supernatural Films: Dead Ringers

Day 9

Twins who are gynecologists who run a clinic together. When an actress comes to the clinic to talk about her fertility problems one brother, Elliot, seduces her and then passes her to his shy brother, Beverly, who falls hard for the woman. The woman begins a fracture between the twos relationship. Soon the brother starts to share pills with his girlfriend. When she leaves to film another movie Beverly falls into a deep depression. it starts effecting his work and everyday life which spills over and starts hurting Elliot.

This is a depressing film. It was recommended to me because I finished three other Cronenberg films for this October challenge. I don’t exactly see how this film is a horror movie or scary. I will say its an exceptionally acted piece. Jeremy Irons is engaging in both performances. As for the entirety of the film itself-its an interesting piece. Cronenberg, even if I don’t like something he did, is still very good at mood. This one has a lot of mood. The music, by his collaborator Howard Shore, is very poignant.

Looking at Cronenbergs filmogarphy it seems Videodrome is the earliest movie in his repertoire that I liked as Shivers and Scanners did not leave me enthused. Dead Zone is between that and the Fly so maybe I should check that out. I am curious about Brood and Rabid though.

Overall I liked this film better than the previous two but this and Scanners were not the kinds of horror films I wanted this challenge. Tomorrow Wes Craven brings it I’m sure. Then another film and then I’m going to try a week of witch films.


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