31 Days of Horror and Supernatural Films: The Hills Have Eyes

Day 10

Wes Cravens cult classic about a family traveling to California only for them to get stranded and then hunted by a cannibalistic family. Pretty simple premise really. The family is made up of the parents, their three children, son in law and grandchild. The cannibalistic family is made up of two heads, three sons, and a daughter who really wants to leave them behind.

The first third of this film I was bored, the second third picked up the pace and started retching up the drama, and last third was strong. Its far from Wes Cravens best film but had some interesting ideas going for it. Sure the ladies cried too much and fell into a couple of the horror stereotypes but still good times. I needed something with a knife to the chest and dogs biting bastards. The dog, Beast, was really the hero of this film. You go dog. The actors were fine, though the cannibals were a bit over the top. There isn’t specifically anything I can point at to saw it stood head and shoulders above. Everything was solid across the board.

So basically I enjoyed it. A good change of pace from the line up of Cronenberg films. Starting tomorrow though I go into a series of witch films. I might actually have more than seven being considered.


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