31 Days of Horror and Supernatural Films: Burn, Witch, Burn! (Night of the Eagle)

Day 12

The second witch film of (sort of) witch week is an almost classic of the genre. Originally titled Night of the Eagle, this atmospheric film is about a psychology professor, Norman, who finds out his wife, Tansy, has been practicing witchcraft. He does not believe and demands her to destroy her tools. She warns that such an act would remove protections against them, as she believes there is a witch among her husbands detractors at his university. She turns out to be right and the witch tries to end the pair of them.

Judging by this, last nights Black Sunday, and the searching for interesting sounding horror movies-apparently you got to go back before the 80s to find a lot of the best. Or at least most interesting. While Black Sunday was explicit in the magic this one at times almost plays it a lot like a coincidence. Did burning Tansy’s supplies really break down protections? Did the bad witch really hide hypnosis spell inside a recording? Obviously it has to be real because its to extreme not to be but there are questions through out, maybe we’re all being hysterical.

Written by individuals steeped in the genre, they execute a very strong script. Well paced with good bits through out. A good looking film, with strong performances from the leads (Peter Wyngarde, Janet Blair) as well as the bad witch (Margaret Johnston). Definitely one of the bets films I’ve watched since this challenge started.


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