31 Days of Horror and Supernatural Films: Crimson Peak

Day 16

An aspiring author named Edith played by Mia Wasikowska is enchanted by a charming stranger named Thomas Sharpe. He courts her, marries her, and soon whisks her away to his broken down mansion to live with him and his sister. However, Edith has a gift, she can see ghosts. The home in which she is brought to is populated by them and she is in fear of what they’re trying to tell her.

Okay-first up, beautiful film. Del Toro is an amazing visual filmmaker. It seems to me even bad reviews of this film will highlight the beauty of it. Its garb in gothic stylings with beautiful costumes. The house is brilliant. Not just the look, even the way the film sometimes transitions is neat. The performances are strong through out. Lot of focus is on Tom Hiddleston in part because this is one of his first major roles since bringing Loki to life. However, as good as he is, I think the other roles are little bit more interesting. Charlie Hunnam has the thankless job of being the doctor in love with Edith who has to try and help her. Its a simple role but Hunnam knocks it out the park. Mia, of course, is the center of the film and plays it with both strength and frailty. Jim Beaver, who plays Edith’s father, is strong in his limited role. However Jesscia Chastain is the one to really keep your eyes on.

Now-onto the ghosts, horror and violence. The ghosts-some look cool, some don’t look as cool. Effective though. The violence-there is one particular scene in the first third of the movie that is brutal and will stick with me. This is not really a gory, let alone violent movie, which makes the instances of vioence and gore even more impact.

I liked this film however… The story has some problems. A little predictability, a twist that seemed like “hmmmm… okay…” and some other bits pulled me a little out of it. I guess I wanted something a bit more heart wrenching like Devils Backbone or Pans Labyrinth. Did not go there but hey! This is a good movie I’ll get on Blu-Ray.


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