31 Days of Horror and Supernatural Films: Cry of the Banshee

Day 15

Cry of the Banshee stars Vincent Price as magistrate Whitman seeking to stamp out witchcraft. A cold, evil man with three kids and a young wife. When he allows a witch named Oona to live after murdering most of her coven, she calls forth vengeance. Taking shape as a servant to the magistrate, turning him into the weapon they need.

While far better than the last two witch films I’ve watched so far 70s witch movies are disappointing. Price is good as an asshole. The guys playing his sons are… Okay? Very easy to hate the oldest son (Stephan Chase). The way that some of the background women are treated makes it very easy to loath a number of the characters. I didn’t find Roderick character all that good. I did like the two main female roles. The wife played by Essy Persson and Hilary Dwyer. The film is clunky at times but, despite some stuff I wish did not go down, had a very smart ending.

Overall-just okay.


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