31 Days of Horror and Supernatural Films: Goosebumps

Day 17-the walls are closing in…

Zach, the new kid in town is concerned abut his neighbor Hannah. Her dad is strict and seemingly abusive. Him and new friend Champ break into their house only to discover that the mysterious Mr. Shivers has all the Goosebump manuscripts and when you open one up the monsters appear. Turns out Shivers is RL Stine and now one of his creations, Slappy, seeks to free all the monsters. Now Stine, Zack, Champ and Hannah have to-of course-save the day.

I read Goosebumps as a kid. watched the show. I was fan but oddly I remember little. However I was curious about this film and checked it out. Its fun. If you miss the old days of cheesy 80s kids adventure films here you go. Seeing as I have grown up on Monster Squad, Little Monsters, Explorers, the Wizard, and Flight of the Navigator this was definitely up my alley. Now, not to say this is a great film. No. Its just a very fun film with some legit laughs, corny but fun creatures (thought the clown look real creepy), and some decent twists mixed in. Jack Black is a take him or elave him kind of guy but works real well here. Especially yelling at Champ. Jillian Bell from shows like Workaholics has a small but fun part. The three teenagers were pretty good. Zack and Hannah were fairly typical in a number of ways, as was the comedic sidekick but overall they did not annoy. They were fun through out.

So yeah-those people predicting doom on this movie were wrong.


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