31 Days of Horror and Supernatural: Queen of Blood

23 days down.

In the future, space travel has become easier. The team at the Space Institute looks to meet up with extra-terrestrials. Due to various circumstances these aliens have crash landed and need help. The astronauts find one survivor who is now preying on them.

Its clear with this movie that space vampire films are useless. The only good space vampire is Vampirella. Incidentally one of her co-creators, the famed Forrest J. Ackerman, has a small role in this movie which came out around three years prior to her creation. Only real similarity is Vampi using a man made ship to get back to Earth while, essentially, feeding on the close to death astronauts. As for the film, pretty corny but not as forgettable as Planet of the Vampires or as dull as Lifeforce. Planet of the Vampires and Queen of Blood have some similarities with the late 70s classic Alien. This film starred John axon, Dennis Hopper and Basil Rathbone so quite a collection of famous actors for a pretty dull movie. The Vampire queen was pretty campy.

Great poster though.


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