Hell in the Cell 2015 Reaction

Exactly who is WWE marketing itself to? If its purely WWE Universe than even something is wrong. I don’t know, maybe it was the crowd. I haven’t watched the week to week and even missed the last PPV so I don’t know if it was the booking or the set but there felt like a limited connection through out.

My biggest issue with the PPV is that WWE Network was not streaming at optimum levels. Maybe it was the browsers, the internet connection, or the live stream itself but I spent a lot of time frustrated.

After that, the show was mostly kind of boring. The opening six man was fun from what I could see. Cesaro was a star and fans responded well. Silly havig what appears to be the best reviewed match on the pre-show. The Alberto Del Rio return was a nice surprise but that one match with John Cena was nowhere near as good as what Alberto El Patron was doing in Lucha Underground. I like Alberto, I respect Cena as a big event wrestler, but these two never worked well together. Wyatt and Reigns had a good Hell in the Cell match but as I generally hate HIAC matches and none will ever come to the level of Mankind/Taker thats not saying much. The audience was back and forth only really popping with the big hardcore stuff. Just make all Reigns matches Hardcore and he’ll get over. The tag match was okay mostly because New Day is so good.

Divas championship match was good but still off. Charlotte does not move or carry herself in a dominate manner, let alone the manner of a well versed pro. or maybe its just confidence. There’s a reason why Sasha Banks is the best they have right now. She moves like she owns the ring. Same with Bayley, definitely Asuka. the former Kana is a ring general for sure. No doubt Charlotte is gifted but she does not compare to Nikki Bella. Sorry people-as much as Nikki is annoying she is far more impressive in the ring. She commands the ring, moves like she truly understands the psychology of wrestling. She had arguably the best spot of the night with the Alabama Slam on the apron. If you ignore who she is, who she is dating, basically take her entire arsenal of moves and her ability to strut around the ring like she owns the thing and put it onto another body and the Nikki haters would be fawning over that wrestler. I get that some wrestlers just turn people off, but objectively, Nikki is very fucking good. WWE’s handling of this Divas Revolution has been pretty lousy no doubt and NXT is better option. Doesn’t help that Vince’s theory on womens wretsling was “they’re all catty and hate each other” which still seems to be present in this restructuring. This reminds me to watch those two Joshi matches I have saved…

Moving on to the title-match, really? Its strange having the title match this far down. I’ve been watching so much NJPW I’m use to the main title being so celebrated that its defended rarely and pretty much always the main event. I’m not big on Seth’s title reign. I haven’t seen a slam dunk title match with him outside anything with Lesner. He’s good but I just don’t like him as champion. It could be just the string of feuds his been in, they’ve mostly been lousy. His Randy Orton feud was at least watchable and their match was pretty good. Kane-his best days are behind him. This match was mostly boring until the final stretch and even than I would not recommend it. I know people are down on Reigns but I’ve enjoyed more of his matches this year than Rollins. This was followed by a nothing Intercontinental Match between Ryback and Owens. I like Owens a lot. he is a great wrestler. What the hell is going on? He came in hot and than hit a wall. They need to get Sami Zayn in and have a feud going.

Now onto the main event. Why isn’t Lesner still the champion? He is legit one of the most aggressive and dominate guys on the roster. Sure he isn’t on every Raw but that makes his appearances even more important. Undertaker, for being well passed his prime, was good here. This was the best of their three matches. I don’t think it needed the HIAC. Anyway Lesner won, which he should. Brock Lesner has been WWE’s best main eventer in years. Their best champion in years. The only reason to put Taker over would be to eventually put him in the title picture. If they were going to do that, I’d understand putting him over Lesner. WWE appears to have plans for Taker by having him go against Wyatt Family. Okay… Why is Wyatt in these dead end feuds? Anyway, this clears up Lesner to reclaim the title.

WWE’s booking is all over the place and I don’t get it. Their storylines have a beginning and an end or they have an extended and boring middle. Removing Raw from my viewing habits has made WWE more bearable and allowed focus specifically on the matches. Yet, I can’t help but scratch my head about things. If they are booking purely for the WWE Universe than whats wrong? Are they trying to go for lapsed fans or hardcore wrestling fans? Overall, WWE’s PPVs have been less and less interesting since Wrestlemania. Royal Rumble needs to get here. This year, at least thus far, we don’t have an odds on fave which is nice.


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