31 (30) Days of Horror and Supernatural: Ginger Snaps / The Pit and the Pendulum

Day 24 and 26. No 31 days. I just could not force myself to watch a film. I just couldn’t…

Ginger Snaps follows two sisters who are fascinated with death. When looking to get back at a certain high school mean girl one gets attacked by a werewolf. She begins to change, physically and mentally.

A fascinating body horror, werewolf flick. A bit too long. I think they could have shaved some time. Still, a fascinating werewolf film. Both actress’ (Katherine Isabelle and Emily Perkins) were both very good. I haven’t seen many werewolf films but I’d give this one a look if you’re curious.

Based on the Poe short story an Englishman comes to Spain to find out what happened to his sister. He confronts brother-in-law Nicholas Medina (Vincent Price) who is at first evasive. What he uncovers is that his sister died of fright but now something seems to be haunting Medina.

This is an alright film. I liked the look of it and Roger Corman directs it with much style. Price is Price but I liked the rest of the cas. Overall-it was fine. But 25 films and only a couple I really, really enjoyed.


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