31 (30) Days of Horror and Supernatural: Night of the Demons / Nightmare

Days 27 and 28…

Night of the Demons-A group of teenagers throw a small party at a creepy house that may be cursed. On Halloween night. Of course the evil spirits arise and start to take over bodies and kill the party goers.

Plus, the opening title sequence. The music. The first 30 minutes. Also the black man lives. The walk home with the survivors is a nice visual. Negatives, pretty much after the set up its kind of a dull horror film.

Nightmare from 1964 is a suspense film that starts by revolving around a young woman named Janet plagued by nightmares. They start becoming intense and too real to thinking a woman is stalking her. She encounters said woman, wife of her guardian, and then kills her. Thats the first half.

A nice looking movie with an interesting premise and a slam dunk ending but not exactly the most tense or edge of your seat thrilling. Moira Redmond is the best around in the film but the actress who played Janet, Jennie Linden, was also good. Overall a nice little film.


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