Comic Burn Out

Don’t know when, or how, but I am going through a comic burn out. I think this happens to any comic fan who is purchasing quite a bit of stuff. I am buying waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much but here is the thing I like the majority of comics I’m buying. The only ones I don’t I have cut or are coming to end end soon enough. It could be that I added a bunch of stuff. I added several new comics in the last few months, two of which I still have not read the debut issue for because I can not get myself to do it.

So what to do? Well-first I need to read these two books and decide about those titles. I got to get through this massive He-Man mini comics collection. That one is more because it was He-Man than anything else… But what to cut? I don’t think I need to cut anything (there are two or three titles I might be able to) but let the books burn out. Barb Wire, which is fine, ends early next year so I’ll stick with it. Fade Out is closing up soon. as is Sensation Comics but that one varies in quality from issue to issue. Some of my titles are getting relaunches and I have to decide whether or not to stick with it. Might try out Vampirella as I love the character and the recent Red Sonja run makes me curious about trying the relaunch.

I don’t know… Too Much good stuff? I’m digging the newest Archie. Loving Shutter, Lazarus, Grayson, Gotham Academy and more. Too much good stuff not coming out regularly? I wish Velvet, Afterlife with Archie, Sabrina were out more regularly. Too much new stuff worth checking out? Tried out the newest Wolverine and Dr. Strange books and liked both. Then of course manga-One Punch Man and My Love Story both being excellent.

I don’t know why I’m burned out. I just am.

About CM Towns

I like comics, wrestling, and other junk.
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