Jessica Jones-Thoughts

Decided to slide in with some thoughts on Jessica Jones. Those thoughts being, I was disappointed. Now, based on blurbs here and there and fanfare on Tumblr I know I’m in the minority. Its okay, I’m fine with that. Now, as to why I was disappointed, well…

You see, the MCU’s debut Netflix series Daredevil astounded me. Now I’m not comparing the two, no. I’m just pointing out that I loved this show even though DD is a character I don’t like and featured a cast that was mostly unfamiliar to me other than Vincent D’Onofrio (who I’m indifferent to) and Deborah Ann Woll (who I kind of like). I had no expectations and DD was amazing. Now, Jessica Jones on the other hand is a character I have little knowledge of beforehand. So clean slate there. I like Krysten Ritter, I think she is a phenomenal actress. I thought Mike Colter being cast as Luke Cage was brilliant and look forward to his show next year. David Tennant is also a talented actor I enjoyed in the few things I had seen him in. It just sounded so good to me and after how much DD delivered I was counting down the days. My expectations were far too high.

The series started out strong but things started to bother me. The neighbors were… Not that interesting to me. The divorce drama with Carrie-Anne Moss’s character did little for me. The Simpson character, started out fine, but then devolved into someone I wanted gone. The decisions and methods Jones made to capture and prove Kilgraves existence started to frustrate me. I understood her goals but, ultimately, a lot of people just felt stupid to me. Its a frustrating mission Jones set for herself. For example one scene where she has Kilgrave captured and she’s trying to desperately prove his powers by beating him in front of a cop? Its stupid to me she did not even consider he would just let her beat him up. Kilgrave doesn’t want to be exposed, so of course he would not respond the way she wants. Also, who thought that cop would live through this?

There are things I liked. I thought the a lot of the cast was great. Ritter, Colter, Tennant and Rachel Taylor were great. I liked the friendship between Jessica and Trish. The last couple episodes were strong. Its just… It did not thrill me and excite me like I expected it to. Its a good series, and I’d probably still put it up above Agents of SHIELD and below Peggy Carter if I had to compare the MCU TV shows. If you’re a die hard MCU person you probably should see it. having not read the comic I can not even compare.

Now, one more thing, the whole Jessica Jones vs Supergirl debate is bullshit. Both shows deserve to exist. While I’m not the biggest fan of Supergirl I generally like it and thought the episode with Livewire was very good.


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