My Geekdoms Favorites of 2015: Music Edition

Salute A Real… Recognition Award

VHS Glitch-They put out a few singles, a couple indy video game OSTs and a couple EPs. A bunch of new favorites from my favorite synthwave act and fave electronic artists. There were a few other good synthwave albums out but VHS Glitch is far and away my favorite.

Biggest Surprise
4. TIE: Bitch Don’t Let Me Die by Electric Six and Ad Nauseam by Dog Fashion Disco Were Disappointing-I enjoyed Human Zoo after the forgettable album it followed. I very much dug the last DFD record and put it up as a fave of the year. So these two records-which came out the same day, disappointed me. A couple tracks on E6 album I quite enjoy and I think I’ll grow in appreciation for DFDs album but was not feeling it nearly as much as the previous records or other albums by the groups.
3. Return of Sister Machine Gun-I missed the majority of industrial bands in their heyday due to being veeeeeeeery late to the scene. So I was surprised to see underrated industrial act Sister Machine Gun drop an EP after over a decade.
2. It Follows OST-Wow, this creepy synth soundtrack was much cooler than it had any right to be.

1. Psychic Warfare by Clutch-I got three albums one Friday. Electric Six, Dog Fashion Disco and Clutch. Clutch was the last one I listened to and the first one to get played over and over and over again. Wow. Way to shade some of my fave bands…

Favorite Songs
6. Insect by Sister Machine Gun-The opening track on the EP brings the industrial fury with a touch of catchiness. If this is the only new thing SMG does well thank you.
5. Golden Mirage by Dog Fashion Disco-This sounded like something that could have been on their previous record. Its so far still my fave song on the album and very cool. [no link available]
4. When Cowboys File For Divorce by Electric Six-This is classic Electric Six, an incredibly fun song.
3. A Quick Death in Texas by Clutch-A rocking, fun story driven song from a very story driven album. Dug this one a lot. [Used TV show performance video]
2. Day 3 by Marilyn Manson and Tyler Bates-A tuned down version of Third Day of a Seven Day Binge. I like this one better and thats saying a lot since the original is really cool. Tyler Bates is a great collaborator for Manson. I’m sure he’ll be gone soon.

1. Cupid Carries A Gun by Marilyn Manson and Tyler Bates-Some may recognize the opening of this as the theme to Salem but the whole song is a masterwork. Brilliant song. Brilliant.

Favorite Albums
4. It Follows OST by Disasterpiece-Everybody who saw the movie was banging this one, weren’t they? I didn’t pick out any songs since its horror mood music.
3. Pink 1990-1997 by Mindless Self Indulgence-MSI rerecorded/produced a bunch of demos and rarities. Including the first official releases of a trio of popular demos, a couple interesting covers, and some songs I never knew I needed in my life. So good you’d think it was a new album.
Songs: Vanity, For the Love of God, Do Unto Others, Bed of Roses
2. The Pale Emperor by Marilyn Manson-This is an album I liked, came back around to and enjoyed more. Rolling Stone has proclaimed Manson has written the goth-rock album he threatened to-I think he did that with Eat Me, Drink Me but this album is a treasure like most Manson albums in my opinion.
Songs: Cupid Carries A Gun, Day 3, Deep Six, The Devil Beneath By Feet

1. Psychic Warfare by Clutch-I’ve known about Clutch since high school and had a few songs, it was not until a few months prior I picked up a few of their first albums and enjoyed them quite a bit. This album was a kick in the ass and got me to pick up their previous record-Earth Rocker, which totally kicked ass too. Man… Late to the party again.
Songs: A Quick Death in Texas, X-Ray Visions, Behold the Colossus, Son of Virginia


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