Order Form-May/June 2016 Comic Books

Haven’t done one of these in a while but I need to keep putting some posts up.

Afterlife With Archie #9 Reg Francavilla Cvr & Sabrina #5 Hack Var Cvr-After months and months the Archie horror titles are suppose to be back. That’s great news. These books have been so good and its a shame their releases have been incredibly sporadic.

All New Wolverine #8 and Doctor Strange #8-The only new series of Marvels recent wave of launches that I checked out and both have been fantastic.

Bitch Planet #10-This is a good series but after the few months between and the depressing nature of the story I am considering dropping it to save money.

Gotham Academy #18-Karl Keschls exit was unfortunate but I am going to stick around for a while longer. that said I will not be picking up the Lumberjanes series, I don’t need more books that might make me buy more books.

Grayson #20-I believe a new creative team, don’t remember. This series is on its way out with the DC Rebirth which is a shame, is my fave DC title.

Harley Quinn #28-Why do I keep buying this book…

Jem &The Holograms #15 Subscription Var-I really like this book. Great Sophie Campbell art.

Klaus #6-Been a fun little mini series from my fave writer Grant Morrison

Legend of Wonder Woman #5-6 (of 9)-A very fun, cool, and good looking WW series. Check it out. Seriously because I want DC to do more.

Mae #1 Main Cvr-The new Gene Ha series which I’ll be giving a try.

Monika GN Masked Ball-The Guillem March drawn graphic novel. Curious to his non superhero stuff.

Poison Ivy Cycle of Life And Death #5 (of 6)-Liked the previous issues. I think a good mini, better than Harley Quinns stuff.

Rachel Rising #42-This is the last issue. I hate to see this series go. Great horror comic with some very dark parts through out. Beautifully drawn with some of the best covers in comics. Since it started a few years ago a cover has appeared in each of my Top 10 Covers of the year. Terry Moore is a fantatstic creator, look forward to his next creation.

Red Sonja Vol 3 #5 Cvr A Sauvage-Thus far has been okay.

Revival #40-It feels like its been a while since I read this. So I checked and issue #37 is on its way to me. I’ve enjoyed this series for the most part. Always in the middle of my read pile.

Scarlet Witch #6-I forgot I was checking this one out. I liked the art but I guess the stories are not sticking with me.

Shutter #21-Fantastic series, second favorite Image series. Looks good, fun read, you should check it out.

Silver Surfer #5-While its a relaunch it features the same creative team as the last volume. They did such a great job I stuck with it. Mike Allreds art is a gift to the people.

Switch #6 Cvr A Stjepan Sejic-This Wtchblade series has been delayed due to Sejic having some shoulder injury (I think) but Sejic is back at his drawing board having dropped two parts in Sunstone recently and issue #3 of Switch dropping next month. I look forward tot his series as the first two issues were incredibly fun.

Vampirella Vol 3 #3 Cvr B Davila-Haven’t read issue 1 yet, its on its way.

Velvet #15-The wait between issues has kind of hurt the books standing in my eyes as I have troubles recalling certain character and plot points. If it was on a better release schedule I think I’d rate it higher. There was two months between issues but looking at Images release schedule the book might be coming out quicker. Its odd to complai about the release of one book that comes out faster than others (Archie horror titles) but I love those books where as I like (a lot) this one.

Wonder Woman #52 Var Ed-The one DC Nu52 book I stuck with from the first issue to the last. Its been… interesting…

+ Previews Mag

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One Punch Man vol. 6-The best superhero comic on the market that’s not Empowered IMHO.


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