Daredevil Season 2 Review

Quick review: I was very disappointed. Saved you the trouble of my ramblings. If you proceed know there be SPOILERS!

I was not a fan of the comparisons to Arrow after season 1 of Daredevil dropped. More Marvel vs DC BS. I’m a fan of Arrow and I loved the first season of Daredevil. Especially Vincent D’Onofrio as Wilson Fisk. The thing was DD was a Netflix show with more room for extreme scenes of violence set in a corner of an established superhero universe while Arrow was a broadcast series on a low rated network establishing their own world. Well, despite my problems with the comparison I’m flipping back to this to say something-at least season 2 of Arrow was far and away better than the first season.

Trust me, my hype was through the roof for season 2 of Daredevil and half way through season 2 (I watched it all in a single day) that hype was not met. I can pin point it to three things.

1-The Hand is awfully boring. They make for good fights but the story around them were not interesting and they did not have a charismatic in the Hand to hold my attention.

2-The mystery revolving around the death of Punishers family dragged and dragged. Once more the villains behind everything were not interesting.

3-They did not stick the landing at the end. Why even stab Elektra with the sai? Why? Sometimes paying tribute to iconic comic book moments is not needed. Especially if you don’t have the story and villains to stick the landing. Especially knowing she’s coming back.

Look-let me backtrack and talk about what was good. The main cast. The cast were on point. The returning players do what they do well. Newcomers Elodie Yung and Jon Bernthal are good too. Especially Jon as Punisher, better than the lats two men to play the part. I’m still a Lundgren mark, sue me. Those first few episodes with Punisher are really good and feel like their building up somewhere nice. Jon’s interactions with Charlies Daredevil arguing over their respective means to an ends. Jon is a hurricane of fury and features one of the best action sequences through out.

Oh yeah, the action scenes are still spectacular. You want to call them the best, sure. No argument. Incredible stuff. From daredevil fighting the Dogs of War biker gang early on to the Punishers fighting convicts in prison the fights are intense. Just absolute works of art.

That’s the strengths of the show-the cast and fight scenes. However watching a show 13 episodes back to back you get really aware of certain issues. The most noticeable is of course the common problem with secret identities. It is a little annoying to see Daredevil ruin things for Matt but that’s the trade off with superheroes. However that does not excuse how Matt approaches the trial of Frank Castle. The guy knows shit is going down with the Hand and that he won’t take a night off as Daredevil so the fact he wants the case makes you smack your head. As the first half goes, its strongest component is Punisher because there is nothing else really. Whats the DA hiding? we already know it has something to do with Castle but too bad the series decides to wait longer to explain that. In fact, while no shade to the actress the Reyes character is only there for us not to like her. Its great to see an actress of color play a typically white actor role of ruthless, job focused, selfish civil servant but DA Reyes is not that interesting. Neither are the people Punisher is killing-who cares about the Irish mob? I barely cared about Grotto (thats his name right?) The Punisher is enough of a force to make you ignore that the whole first few episodes is really just a debate on vigilantism and the measures they use.

Than we slowly move on to the hand and we start seeing just how much the show needs a present villain. Whats the Hand plan? The Black Sky! That bit from the first season. Whats the Black Sky? I kinda already forgot but I know who it is. Elektra and Daredevil are trying to stop the Hands activity, Stick shows up, some Elektra origin stuff, some great fights and a return of Nobu from season 1. Nobu is fine for a guy who can bring the fight but not terribly thrilling as a main antagonist. The series starts going back and forth between the war with the Hand and the stuff with the Punisher. The best part of which is his encounter with Kingpin in prison.

Thank you for the Kingpin! All his stuff was my favorite in season 2. His scenes with Jon, especially their brief fight scene. The sequence with Charlie Cox was great. Than Punisher gets out.

Look-its pretty clear I don’t give a damn about the Hand or the bad guy who is revealed to have been involved in the death of Punishers family. I don’t. I don’t.

I’m sure I’m in the minority really. I have seen some bad reviews and some comments about how some people felt like a chore getting through it. So I’m not alone-not that it matters. Daredevil needs villains because when there are none its just a continuing discussion on vigilantism and Matt Murdoch being an irksome person. They should’ve just given the Punisher his own mini series.


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