Order Form-June/July 2016 Comic Books

Here’s what I plan to get through DCBS and others. Also-need to reorganize my single issue comics that have piled up. haven’t done it since… last year…

All New Wolverine #9-Fun book.
Archie #9 Veronica Fish Cover-I haven’t received issue 7 yet and I can’t remember the last issue I got. I still enjoy this book though.
Detective Comics #934 & 935-Yep, Rebirth! It has Cassandra Cain and Stephanie Brown so…
Doctor Strange #9-I think I need to pick up Death of Magic or whatever. I don’t like there being side issues for a series to books because if you rely on a pull list through a subscription service it won’t pick it up unless it ahs the exact title.
Grayson Annual #3-Yeah, kinda thought about not picking it up as the creative is gone before this issue.
Green Arrow: Rebirth #1, #1-I love GA but usually find his comics lousy. Time to give him another try.

Green Lanterns: Rebirth #1, #1 -I am a fan of Simon Baz so going to try this one.
Harley Quinn #29-I’m still buying this book…
Heavy Metal #281-Morrison takes over with 280, out this month, so giving it a try. Been a long while since I followed Heavy Metal.
Jem & The Holograms #16-Of course.
Lazarus #22-Fave Image book finally coming back soon.
Mae #2-Trying it.
Paper Girls #6-Might drop it. Seriously I just feel its shrug inducing. I don’t have much concern with whats going on. Looks good though.
Poison Ivy Cycle of Life And Death #6 (of 6)-Liking this mini.

Revival #41-Not as hyped lately but still following.
Silver Surfer #6-Relaunched recently and so far not giving me the thrills like the previous run. Same team though so I expect it to pick up.
Shutter #22-Second fave Image book still.
Superman: Rebirth #1, #1-Going to try this for the art. Plus I haven’t read a Superman title in a while.
Vampirella Vol 3 #4-Did not much care for issue 1, maybe the next few will turn me.
Wonder Woman: Rebirth #1, #1, By Greg Rucka TP Vol 01, Legend of WW #7-Lots of WW. Ruckas back plus they are reissuing his entire previous run. Plus Legends which has been very good.


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I like comics, wrestling, and other junk.
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