Thinking On The Marvel and DC Female Friendly Titles Of Recent

I’m a guy who loves female leads. I truly believe there should be more female voices in comic books. Yet, as I organize six or so months of comic books that have been piling up I’m reminded that I really did not care for a number of female titles from DC I purchased. I think about the ones Marvel published, reminding myself why I skipped them.

Let me go back to DC, as they are my preferred superhero company. I tried Batgirl, Black Canary, Gotham Academy, Starfire and I think some others. Of those-Gotham Academy is the only one I’ll stick with for the relaunch. The only one I stuck with through. Why? Not just because of the art! I was into the story. But the others? I fucking loved the art on Batgirl and Starfire. I liked Black Canary’s art too, not as much but I liked it. I just didn’t care about the stories. First of all-the antagonists I found rather… dull. Especially in Batgirl, one of which really made me shake my head. The stories themselves are… Well, they kept ending up on the bottom of my read pile. If I had them in my DCBS they were the bottom if I bought them from the comic shop, I’d only read them first if it was the only thing I bought. I just lacked the urgency to read them. They were fine but nothing that made want the next issue out next week. I could not care about about most the supporting cast which in a couple books were very big priorty,a nd the stories themselves just did have be enthralled. I’m tossing the majority of them into a box for the library (even though they’re still closed for remodeling since last last year.)

As for Marvel, I’m not as a big fan of their heroes outside the X-Men. I also don’t really follow creators so I’m more picky about what I try from them. When I saw Squirrel Girl I considered it but I thought “Do I really need to buy another character driven female friendly title with animated art that will have a PG tone?” Sure its me assuming but it did feel like I had been seeing similar type titles. I didn’t but Captain Marvel because I don’t like Carol Danvers and short of Grant Morrison or Greg Rucka or maybe even Adam Warren I will not spend money on her. Ms. Marvel, I thought was fine-better than others but it still did not connect with me to keep purchasing it. Haven’t tried Spider-Gwen or any of the other Spider-Ladies because… I just don’t have the motivation too. I do like All New Wolverine though. Its harder, more action packed.

The weird thing is, there are so many other female friendly books I prefer outside Marvel and DC. Lazarus and Shutter are two great female friendly books. But they are darker. Same as Black Magic, Velvet or the soon to end Rachel Rising. I think maybe Marvel and DC could benefit from doing more female friendly books in various tones and genres. Horror, science fiction, and so on. I like light, happy books too like Jem and the Holograms (though no lie, I’d probably drop the book if Sophie Campbell left, short of a good replacement. I actually had to dissuade someone from dropping the book cause they thought Campbell left) but I want more options for my female lead titles from the big two.

Of course Rebirth is about to swing in and the choices for female lead titles are slim to Wonder Woman first with a few others popping up after June and before December. Marvel… Don’t know… with Civil war 2 looking I’m guessing things are going to change again and I don’t care about the universe as a whole so I’m not paying attention until the X-Men books look more appealing.

Anyway-buy Shutter, Lazarus, Velvet and Jem and the Holograms.

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I like comics, wrestling, and other junk.
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