What I’ve Been Doing: Reading, Listening, Watching


Currently into the last volume of Akira. Its good but the first few volumes actually made me dislike Kaneda, who I enjoyed in the anime. The next three volumes made him more likeable. Though characterization tends to take a backseat to plot and visuals, which is fine. The visuals are amazing. this is a brilliantly drawn book. Also, Chiyoko is a great character-tough as nails woman. Too bad she’s not in the anime.

Re organized by comics and reread the Archie issues, very cool stuff. Very fun series. Just read the latest Jem and thinking of rereading them all.

Obsessed with the Sunstone webcomic. The romance series based around BDSM bu Stjepan Sejic is on track to be my fave comic of the year. very little competition except for Shutter. Lazarus is about to be back though and series writer Greg Rucka is about to return to Wonder Woman so we’ll see. Speaking of Wonder Woman…

I really liked Earth One by Grant Morrison and Yanick Paquette. Not loved, but greatly enjoyed. I’m biased, I prefer black Steve Trevor. I never liked that character anyway. I enjoyed Morrison and Paquette making the Amazons more playful, something thats not seen much of. After Marstons death future writers shied from showing the Amazons or kept their use to a minimum, never playing up the crazy festivals. Than the warrior aspect got focused on-a bit too much really. This was a good kick off, hopefully second volume will have a bit more meat to it.


Just got Ayria‘s newest Paper Dolls. Initial reaction is ‘meh.’ I’ve listened to it twice all the way through and not sure what to think. Its much more low key than the previous two records which I enjoyed. Give it a few more spins. Ayria is synthpop/EBM. I would check out Plastic Makes Perfect, her last album. Heres a fave song.

Ministry main man Al Jourgensen’s new project Surgical Meth Machine is… interesting. The first single is different than the rest of the record. Which is crazy hard but… some of its fun. The Devo cover mostly. Its okay but I do like that cover and the single.

Finally bought an album from the now defunct Machines of Loving Grace. An industrial band I knew of since high school thanks to the Crow soundtrack. The album, Concentration, is really good. I dig it. Heres a link to the video for Butterfly Wings.

New Rob Zombie drops Friday.

Several shows really. I’m only going to list a few things.

First is Miss Fishers Murder Mysteries. Set in Melbourne in the 1920’s lady detective Frannie Fisher along with her companion Dot (companion as in live in employee) solve mysteries. Usually with the help of Det. Robinson and his trusted Constable. Its a pretty good series, nothing extraordinary but looks nice, characters are pretty well done, and has some interesting cases. You can check the whole series out on Netflix.

Penny Dreadful’s premiere dropped on Youtube early, the series really starts on Sunday. The first episode was good, not as good as season 1’s opener-or maybe even the series premiere, but a lot went down. Very hyped. I love Vanessa Ives, I really do. Eva Green is the best.

Orphan Black has recently returned so that is great. The first episode of the new season had some real insight on Beth which I think added a new dimension to the events in the series.

Of the shows that just tied up, iZombie has a great two-part series finale. iZombie season 2 has been better than the first season, which itself was well done.

Movie wise, Jungle Book was pretty good. I liked how it looked, there was some cool stuff, and liked the voices of the characters. but something felt off about it. I can’t really explain what but something felt missing.

Frankenhooker! Working up future music mixes I learned about this film. Anyway, serendipity and a few short weeks later its on Showtime Extreme (or Beyond). Anyway, interesting premise about a man trying to bring his girlfriend back using pieces of dead hookers. However the set up and the last 20 minutes are really the only thing of note. The rest is quite dull. The Frankenhooker herself looks pretty cool.

Lastly, New Japan Pro-Wrestling. Road to Dontaku shows. Dontaku their next big show and the Road to Shows usually the hype machine. Only two of the shows were filmed thus far with one this Wednesday which actually will have matches scheduled for the recently cancelled companion show Hinokuni which was cancelled due to earthquake in Kumamoto. Hope everyone out there is doing well, wish them the best.

Big stories for this NJPW run include Chaos stable, lead by former heavyweight champ Okada taking on Los Ingobernables De Japon lead by the man who took his title, Naito. Naito is actually facing Chaos member and long time rival Tomohiro Ishii, who was my fave wrestler of 2014 and the two had my fave match of that year. Okada is taking on SANADA who has worked in states briefly. SANADA cost him the title. New Chaos member Hirooki Goto faces EVIL. Thats at Dontaku with them all teaming on Wednesday along with fourth members (amazing British High Flier Will osprey for Chaos and the fun BUSHI for LIJ). Also more Bullet Club vs. New Japan as this Wednesday is topliend by a rare foriegner vs foriegner match as Kenny Omega defends the IC title against Michale Elgin, and those two will face off at Dontaku in trios competition as Elgin and his partners defend their trios titles. Yeah-lots of fin matches this past weekend, really digging Chaos vs. LIJ, Elgin vs. Omega has me hyped. Also two feuds with the new stars versus the legends as Shibata defends the NEVER belt against legend Nagata and KUSHIDA defends the Jr. title against legendary junior Jushin Thunder Liger.

NJPW has been great this year and with two of the biggest wrestling tournaments coming up, I expect it to continue.


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